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Travel & Tourism Award 2023

Congratulation to South East Asia Dreams to be awarded the second time as the most authentic Asia Travel Consultant of the Year 2023

Valuing our Mangrove Ecosystem

On the edge of the ocean lies a very special forest that lives both above and below the water. If you are looking for a glimpse of nature in both worlds, why not make a trip to see the mangroves?

Indonesia – Raja Ampat Archipelago – Dive Sites

Welcome to this world class scuba diving destination. Dive into the Indonesia – Raja Ampat Archipelago – Dive Sites with us on one of our amazing liveaboard trips

South East Asia Dreams wins TWO Business Awards 2020

APAC Insider Magazine Announces the South East Asia Business Awards 2020 Winners. South East Asia Dreams wins TWO Business Awards 2020.

The Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Project

To ensure that both Thai and foreign tourists have a positive experience and they are happy and confident in the hygiene and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism products and services. Thailand started the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Project.

How to cross the Border from Ranong / Thailand to Kawtrhaung / Myanmar?

How do you get to Mergui Archipelago? To cross the border in Ranong/Thailand to Kawthaung in Myanmar is quite easy and a great start into your Mergui Archipelago adventure. You must cross the border river which separating the two countries. For those who try to make this way by themselves we did a step by step guideline how to do and what you need.

Christmas Celebration around Asia

The decorations are up, the carols are playing and Santa has been seen scuba diving in Japan, delivering presents on a motorbike in Seoul and being thrown out of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Christianity may not be Asia’s main religion, but Christmas Celebration around Asia is in evidence around much of the region, even if eating and shopping are often the main attractions.

Kawthaung Area - Mergui Archipelago

The Tanintharyi Region is an administrative region of Myanmar and covers the long narrow southern part of the country on the Kra Isthmus. Important cities include Myeik (Mergui) and Kawthaung - Mergui Archipelago.

Top 5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes

Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes You Can Taste on Your Next Visit. There are many reasons to get excited about traveling to Southeast Asian Countries like their Cultures, Dresses, and when we’re talking about Asian Countries there's only one thing in our mind and that is: amazing food

Komodo Island - Divesite Description - Part 4

The Komodo Marine National Park in Indonesia is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Islands and forms part of the Komodo National Park. There are great dive sites to be found in our Komodo Island Dive Site Description Part 4