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Festivals around Myanmar

There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately our guests there are, even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar. You can calculate the exact dates of the festivals according to the Myanmar lunar calendar. Please check with us for details. Festivals around Myanmar are like country fairs, while nat (spirit) ceremonies are accompanied by plenty of music, dancing, and eating.

Komodo Island - Dive site Description - Part 1

Explore the dive sites around Banta Island as well as on the west coast of Komodo Island. There are great dive sites to be found in our Komodo Island Dive Site Description Part 1

Southern Thailand - Dive Sites Descriptions

Explore with us the amazing underwater world in the southern part of Thailand.

Kuala Lumpur's Highlights

Kuala Lumpur the vibrant Capital of Malaysia had its origins as a tin mining outpost in the 1800s. The hub of commerce, politics, culture and education, Kuala Lumpur 's (KL) skyline is a striking contrast of ultra-modern structures and charming heritage buildings.

Thailand regions from North to South

Visiting Thailand is like visiting for countries with the cultures and climates blend together. The four areas of the North, the South, the East and the Central are put together like pieces of cake. They maintain their own tastes, color and looks, but remain their best tastes when all are taken at one time.

Explore Myanmar's Holidays and Festivals

Myanmar's Holidays and Festivals. The Myanmar calendar subscribes to both the solar and lunar months, thus requiring an intercalary 30-day 13th month every second or third year. Therefore, the full moon days may change from one month to another in the usual calendar. The exact dates of some of the holidays as well as the festivals are calculated according to the Myanmar lunar calendar, so the below details can change from year to year.

Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 5

Welcome to the Southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Visit the Southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago including the famous Horse Shoe Island and Comb Island with its amazing blue lagoon.

Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 4

Welcome to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with its amazing Islands. Visit one of the Mergui Archipelago Resort Islands, either Back to Nature or One Island - One Resort Retreat, the Mergui Archipelago caters for all.

Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 3

Discover the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with its amazing islands. Explore the islands below the Lampi National Park including the famous Philar Island Mergui Archipelago.

Why you should get a travel insurance?

When traveling to a foreign country, preparation is important to ensure as much safety as possible during your trip. Why you should get a travel insurance? If you are planning to spend your savings on your holiday, make sure that you are ready for any kind of circumstances that would result that you may have to cancel all your plans or interrupt your journey.