Learning to Dive in Thailand
Learning to Dive in Thailand

Learning to Dive in Thailand

“There is never a better to learn to dive!” you will hear this everywhere around Thailand across the coastal resorts. But a better saying is “It’s always a great time to learn diving in Thailand!” WHY?

The water is clear and warm and filled with exciting adventures and creatures to meet and explore. Golden opportunities arise all year around and your dive course will be fun and relaxing without hustle and bustle of city life.

What with great training facilities and calm and warm waters complemented by a second-to-none diversity of marine life, all readily available in many picture-postcard destinations, this has to be on top the world’s top places to learn, continue learning or even create a career based around the planet’s fastest growing recreation pastime of scuba diving.

Learning to dive is not something that can be self-taught. Instruction is essential and standard safety practices need to be applied and upheld throughout, no matter the size of operation. Thankfully this is the case in Thailand. There are also a number of award-winning facilities around the country proudly displaying their credentials – fine role models for others to follow.

Learn to dive in Thailand

Not everyone feels comfortable or has the time to jump in at the deep end and enroll in a multi-day commitment without first getting a taste of the fun. But not to worry as, in appreciation of this, our partners offer non-certified experience programmes. These are still under the guidance of a qualified dive professional and obviously follow the highest of safety standards.

Experience ranges from taking that first breath underwater in a swimming pool or just off the beach, to going on a dive with your instructor in the open ocean. No corners are cut and training covers all the basic skills needed to submerge and ascend safely. The only difference between these experience programmes and a certifying course is that after completion, you must still be accompanied by a scuba diving professional at all times for 12 months. The advantage is that the course takes a short time and even better, your experience may count toward your certification and you will be more than ready to sign up for a certifying course within 12 months and when your time permits.

Thailand flaunts a comprehensive range of dive center and South East Asia Dreams is more than happy to find for you the right facilities to do your first breath underwater. For those who do not like to spend all their time at the dive center but also do not like to jump into local lakes the knowledge development training can be completed on line at home and practical training can be completed during your holiday in Thailand.

Learn to dive in Thailand

Continuation does not need to be done immediately but within a timescale, your scuba diving instructor will advice how long the completed training is valid before it needs to be repeated.

As long as all the training is completed within the designated period and successful completion of the initial training can be proved, you can literally anywhere in the world complete your course, but taking the advantage of what diving in Thailand has to offer, without committing to a full course during your stay.  

However, most visitors opt to do the whole course at one place, a sensible decision as prices are extremely competitive alongside those in other popular diving destinations around the world.

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