Top 5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes
Top 5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes

Top 5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes

Southeast Asian Seafood Dishes You Can Taste on Your Next Visit. There are many reasons to get excited about traveling to Southeast Asian Countries like their Cultures, Dresses, and when we’re talking about Asian Countries there's only one thing in our mind and that is: amazing food

Top 5 Most Popular Southeast Asian Seafood

You never know where you're going to eat your next meal it could be in a candlelight dinner in a five-star hotel, a food cart, or from a food street. 

And if we’re talking about Southeast Asian countries this part of the world is all about taste and doesn’t care about the aura. So, it could be food street or a cart but as long as you get to taste good food the location doesn’t matter. The Southeast Asian Countries Seafood is to die for if you haven’t gotten any chance before or now make sure you add it to your wish list. 

Here I’m going to rate the best seafood dishes that you can taste on your next visit. 

Some people don’t like fish food and I would recommend you to try at least once in your life but if you don’t want to try that’s completely okay! You can try something else in seafood dishes which doesn’t include fish.

5. Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar is an Indonesian or Malaysian dish consisting of charcoal-grilled fish. The name Ikan Bakar means “roasted fish” in the Indonesian and Malay languages. Sometimes other types of seafood are also included in it like squids, crab, etc. The fish is mixed with sweet soya sauce, coconut oil, or margarine which is applied during grilling. The mixture of spice varies among regions but typically it is a mixture of red chili, garlic, salt, coriander, tamarind juice, etc.

Main Ingredients

Ikan Bakar Ingredients

4. Fish Head Curry

This spicy sizzling curry is cooked with the whole head of fish. The fish head’s moist tender flesh with the sour-spicy taste and Of course with an array of vegetables to give it a taste and flavor like curry leaves, tomato, coriander, cumin. It is usually served with white rice or bread. It is an Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean dish and mixed with a combination of Indian cuisine. It was invented in the 1940s.

Main Ingredients

Fish Head Curry Ingredients

3. Kinilaw

Kinilaw is native to the Philippines. The name kinilaw means is “eaten raw” It is a Philippine appetizer consisting of raw, fresh cube fish with an array of vegetables like onion, garlic, tomato.

The specialty of this dish is that it's a wash with vinegar until the pink flesh doesn’t turn white so yeah you can give it a shot. It tastes lightly sweet, tart, and tangy raw seafood.

Main Ingredients

Kinilaw Ingredients

2. Pinangat

Pinangat or you can say Pangat is a Philippine stew that means to “cook in a broth”. In the Bicol region, the meat or seafood is cooked with some taro leaves and coconut milk and is typically known as Pinangat and the Sour version is cooked with fish and bilimbi or meat with bilimbi. The Sour version is called Laing and can be eaten with white rice or bread the aroma of cooked coconut and crab or meat with leaves is mouthwatering.

Main Ingredients

 Pinangat Ingredient


1.Chili Crab

Chili Crab is a Singaporean dish and despite the term chili, it is mildly chili with both sweet and salty taste. Mud crabs are taken for this dish and are lightly stir-fried in a tomato-based and chili-based sauce. It is a Singaporean national dish and it is called Chili crab for a good reason like it indicates their colorful culture. Chili crab was invented in the mid-1950s and by Cher Yam.

Main Ingredients

 Chili Crab Ingredients

So, it’s a must-try for all of us, and of Of-course those who don’t like crab always give it a shot or try another seafood dish.

Aside from these five popular Southeast Asian dishes there are more seafood dishes that you can try on your next visit like Banana leaf Apolo is a Singaporean seafood dish, Muthu’s Curry is also a Singaporean seafood dish, and Fish Amok is a must-try dish if you're visiting Asian countries.

As we all know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation it's sort of impossible to travel all around the world but the least we could do is prepare ourselves, do a little bit of research on the city or country that we have to travel so, that when this all is over, we just have to pack our bags and go.

 Author: Bella Roy


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