The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI)
The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI)

The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI)

Bangkok, Thailand, 16th of July 2020. Destination Management Companies (DMC's) meet to create uniform Health & Safety Standards Ahead of Tourism Restart. The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI) is a standards which will solidify Thailand and its tourism facilitators as a destination that is safe for travel.

What is the Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI)

The Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI) has been developed by a group of leading Destination Management Companies (DMCs). They are working in Thailand’s tourism industry to create a safe and healthy environment for travelers. because Their aim to get the message out to potential travelers.

Thailand Hygiene Plus InitiativeThe standards cover six areas:

  • Offices,
  • Staff,
  • Ground Teams,
  • Meals,
  • Vehicles and
  • Transportation, and
  • Sports Equipment and Facilities.
The standards include but are not limited to those to be certified by the “Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration” (SHA). All the operators agree to sign and implement the operational element checklist. And One of the members said; “When COVID hit the industry our collective focus was on the fast and safe return of the travel. The implementation a of united standard for future travel, formed through the collaboration of our peers, was natural.” He added: “Collectively changing for the better. To create a safe and healthy travel experience for each DMC’s travelers shows that we are in this together and stronger as one.”
And One other mentioned; With the THPI, responsible DMCs in Thailand are giving international tour operators solid proof and meaningful assurances that we are taking great and proactive hygiene measures in order to restore confidence while traveling.” The initiative will implement infection prevention measures to ensure that travelers have an enjoyable experience. Knowing that they are in the best of care. Travelers will have greater confidence in Thailand as a safe and healthy travel destination. And, we of South East Asia Dreams are proud to confirm and assure that we only use DMC in our destination who also have implemented and have signed-up to the Thailand Hygiene Plus Initiative (THPI).
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