Old Phuket Town Festival
Old Phuket Town Festival

Old Phuket Town Festival

Phuket is full of festivals. One of them is the Old Phuket Town Festival which is clasp during the Chinese Year.

Experience the diverse past of Phuket's multicultural Heritage.

"Old Phuket Town Festival"

The purpose of this colorful and exciting festival is to remember the history of Chinese immigrants in Phuket.  According to the history books of the island, Thalang Road is the oldest road in Phuket Town but also the roads around are full of these Sino-Portuguese architecture style houses.
"Sino-Portuguese architecture style houses and shops"
Local people setting up their shops to stop by, taking pictures, and try out some of the famous products.Many small restaurants along the streets invite you to take a rest and enjoy the street life.  
"Sino-Portuguese architecture style houses and shops"
During the Festival guests have the opportunity to test a lot of different tastes of delicious dishes. Besides food, they can watch historical Thai dances along the street, get stimulate from the past of this remarkable era. A must to see in the parade, which showcases the historical origins and the unique ethnic mix with their traditional dress and blends of cultures.  
"taking pictures"
Also outside of the Old Phuket Town Festival, Phuket Town is a place to visit, take the Old Phuket Town walking trail, and discover the history of the island. 
"Colorful Costumes"

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