Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 5
Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 5

Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 5

Welcome to the Southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Visit the Southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago including the famous Horse Shoe Island and Comb Island with its amazing blue lagoon.

South Mergui Island

1. Say-Tan Island - Dunkin Island

South of Za-Det Island and northwest of Kawthaung lies this beautiful island, which is a great place for snorkeling. At the southern part of Say-Tan Island is a small rocky hill, which is a nice place for scuba diving. The waters around island are so clear, that you can see the seabed at 20 m of depth from the boat. On this island you can enjoy a picnic style packed lunch on a beach. The fine white sand is a perfect place for your beach holiday photos. Feel free to take a stroll along the beach and listen to the sounds of the ocean and jungle.

Sunset Southern Island

2. Myin Khwar Island – Horse Shoe Island

Horseshoe Island is formed like the namesake and is one of the hidden beautiful islands in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. It is a small island near Zadetkyu and Cock's Comb Island, which is also known as Emerald Heart Island. The island is also known as Myin Khwar Island in the local tongue and has a unique characteristic. It's a breath-taking place, with crystal clear waters and powdery white sandy beaches.

Horse Shoe Island

3. Kyet Mauk Island - Cocks Comb Island – Emerald Heart Island

The island consists of limestone and does not have a beach, but a stunning lagoon that is shaped like a heart. The inlet changes the color of the water and that is why it is also called Emerald Heart Island. The water inside the inlet is very calm and perfect for snorkeling. The entrance to the lagoon is on the east side of the island and it is only possible to get through the opening on the surface when the tide is low enough. Often numerous sharks and lobsters can be found here too.

Emerald Heart Island
Why not check out one of our amazing packages to visit a few of southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago or even all of these amazing Islands.
  • Kyunn Me Gyee Island (Clara Island)
  • Salet Galet Island
  • Wa Ale Kyunn Island
  • Kyunn Tann Shey Island (Lampi Island)
  • Bo-Cho Island
  • Kyunn Phi Lar Island (Pheela Island or Great Swinton Island)
  • Nga Mann Island (Pula Set or Shark Island)
  • Nyaung Wee Island (Pu-Lu, Buda Island or Palau Bada Island))
  • Poni Island
  • Island 115
  • Hlaingu Island
  • Steward Island (Ba-wei Island)
  • Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island (Boulder Island)
  • Kha Yinn Khwa Island – Macleod Island - Andaman Resort
  • Nyaung Oo Phee Island – Victoria Cliff Resort

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