Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 4
Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 4

Top 20 Islands of the Mergui Archipelago - Part 4

Welcome to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with its amazing Islands. Visit one of the Mergui Archipelago Resort Islands, either Back to Nature or One Island - One Resort Retreat, the Mergui Archipelago caters for all.

Island center Mergui Archipelago

1. Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island - Boulder Island

Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island is one of the farthest islands in the archipelago and located on the western side of the Mergui Archipelago. The island is covered with a tropical rain-forest and invites guests to some easy to medium challenging hiking and trekking. On one of the many beaches around the island, you will find a small resort with 20 bungalows. Besides sandy beaches there are many rocks and large boulders around, which give the island also the name “Boulder Island”. The island comprises of a mixed vegetation and is home for many birds, such as the white-bellied Sea Eagle or the Brahminy Kite. The island is also the domicile of some monitor lizards, pythons, jungle mouse and many other animals. Nga Khin Nyo Gyee offers many opportunities for hiking, trekking, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving.  Enjoy our back to the nature experience.

Boulder Island

2. Kha Yinn Khwa Island – Macleod Island

The island lies about 40 miles to the west from Kawthaung. The Andaman Resort is the only man-made construction on the island. The cottages and suites of the resort are scatter across the forest, but only just meters away from the beach. Macleod Island is still one of the unspoiled islands in the Mergui Archipelago and boasts great scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and fishing near and around the island. Amongst the many activities here, you will also be able to enjoy bird watching, trekking and jungle hiking on the island.

McLeod Island

3. Nyaung Oo Phee Island

Nyaung Oo Phee is a secluded private island in the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago. The island’s more than 500 acres of land area include pristine white beaches and dense forest. Nyaung Oo Phee’s location in the Mergui Archipelago and its private setting make the resort very appealing to families. The island is a great place to discover a vast array of wildlife and sea species amongst untouched and colorful coral reefs during snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and even scuba diving. The Island is also known for its One Island - One Resort packages.

Nyaung Oo Phee Island

4. Zar Det Kyee Island – Saint Matthew’s Island

Zar Det Kyee also sometimes written as Zadetkyi or Zadethyi Kyun Island, is also known by its British name Saint Matthew’s Island. This is the largest island of the southern group in the Mergui archipelago. The two prominent peaks, the highest being 864 m and located in the middle of the island and the other peak at 858 m rising at the southern end, give visitors entering the southern Bay a feeling of arriving at King Kong Island. The island is hilly and thickly wooded. Its northern side forms the southern shore of Hastings Harbor, where the Myanmar Navy base is located.

Hastings Island

6. Taung La Bo Island

There are no scuba diving spots around the island. But it is a great spot for some amazing snorkeling and strolling on the pristine beach. Always keep your eyes in the sky too. You might be able to spot some sea eagle or kite hunting for lunch.

Check out one of our amazing packages and the other mergui archipelago resort islands or even all of these amazing Islands by one of our cruises.

  • Kyunn Me Gyee Island (Clara Island)
  • Salet Galet Island
  • Wa Ale Kyunn Island
  • Kyunn Tann Shey Island (Lampi Island)
  • Bo-Cho Island
  • Kyunn Phi Lar Island (Pheela Island or Great Swinton Island)
  • Nga Mann Island (Pula Set or Shark Island)
  • Nyaung Wee Island (Pu-Lu, Buda Island or Palau Bada Island))
  • Poni Island
  • Island 115
  • Hlaingu Island
  • Steward Island (Ba-wei Island)
Part 5 – Island at the most southern part of the Mergui Archipelago
  • Say-Tan Island - Dunkin
  • Myin Khwar Island – Horse Shoe Island
  • Kyet Mauk Island - Cocks Comb Island – Emerald Heart Island

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