Cruising around the Mergui Archipelago
Cruising around the Mergui Archipelago

Cruising around the Mergui Archipelago

After two years since our last inspection, we returned to the stunning island world of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar.

Discover the beauty of the still unspoilt Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar / Burma

"Kawthaung the small border village at the southern tip of Myanmar"
All trips are departure from the south tip of Myanmar at Kawthaung. This little border town can be reached via air from Yangon or via a small boats (also called long tails) from Ranong in Thailand. We arriving in Kawthaung via Thailand and meet with our Guide Mr. Thangar and the friendly officers from the immigration and MTT (Myanmar Travel & Tour) Representative after crossing the river fram Ranong.  Since we had some free time, we had to wait for the rest of our group which arrived via plane from Yangon, we used the time to explore Kawthaung.

"Explore of the little border town Kawthaung in Myanmar"
Finally after the arrival of the Rest of our group and after sorted all the permits out we are already for the adventure. Our home for the next 4 days await us already and we board our floating boathouse (also called liveaboard, since you will live on it for a few days) MV Sea Gipsy!

"Welcome on board of Myanmar's unique liveaboard vessel MV Sea Gipsy"

MV Sea Gipsy is a Burmese style junk and on of the most unique vessels within the Mergui Archipelago. Operating from 2005 to 2010 as day trip snorkeling vessel style boat around Phuket / Thailand, Sea Gipsy moved mid of 2010 to Myanmar to offers her guests a trip around the Mergui Archipelago in a traditional style.

After receiving a detailed boats briefing from our guide and tourleader Mr. Thangar, he showed us our sleeping gazebos. MV Sea Gipsy do not feature traditional ensuite cabins as today's modern vessels. To keep the flair and touch of adventures, guests are accommodate in open air gazebo's. These Gazebos are quite large, can be closed up with dark curtains to have some privacy. 

"Super service, amazing people and too less time to see everyting, this is an island safarie on board of MV Sea Gipsy"

Our Chef on board Mr Darkie

prepared a delicious dinner and after some small talk and meeting the other guests, it was time to retread in our gazebo's for a good night sleep, while listing to the sound of the ocean . The next 4 days are full of stunning impression. Visiting islands and beaches which you know mostly from adventures brochures or flyers. Each island is unique and we discover that each of them has it's own flair.

"long and unspoiled beaches early in the morning"

Interesting in seen more of these amazing and unspoilt island of the fantastic Mergui Archipelago? Like to come with us on one of these unique trips? Like to see more pictures from our inspection tour? Just have a look on our Facebook page


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