Scuba Diving – Thailand – Similan/Surin – Dive Sites - Part 1
Scuba Diving – Thailand – Similan/Surin – Dive Sites - Part 1

Scuba Diving – Thailand – Similan/Surin – Dive Sites - Part 1

Most travelers visit the Similan/Surin Island Marine National Park for scuba diving and also snorkeling. Distances between these islands are sometimes greater and there are plenty of dive sites between them.

Richelieu Rock 

The famous Richelieu Rock is a group of big pinnacles covered by beautiful purple soft coral just 2 hours northeast of Ko Tachai. Well known all over the world, for by passing whale sharks which can be spotted there. Swimming alongside these huge fishes is any divers dream come true.

Richelieu Rock      Experience: **
     Current: ***
     Visibility:  10 - 25 meter
     Depth: 10- 40 meter
     Snorkel Condition: not suitable

There is much more, what makes the Rock worth visiting. Richelieu Rock's outcrop is covered in soft corals and seems to act like a magnet when it comes to attracting fish. A lot of fish activity due to the deep waters around and the often-fair current: huge school of big yellow trevallies, barracudas, breams and yellow-striped snappers give the site a truly magical atmosphere. From Manta rays to ghost pipe fish, frog fish and octopus - it's marine fauna and flora pure. Tight colonies of corals and anemones inhabit the Rock which are visited by big schools of reef fish. This is truly a special place.

Koh Tachai 

This uninhabited island lays northeast nearly exactly half way between Similan Nr. 9 and Surin Island. It s about two hours drive from Similan Islands - National Park to Koh Tachai. Koh Tachai;s southeast tip is called twin peaks; two pinnacles connected by a reef. Explore gigantic rock formations and plateaus. This site is well known for its beautiful hard and soft corals, schools of bathfish and large creatures like wale sharks, mantas, big rays, leopard sharks and reef sharks. Stong currents make this a good place for huge sea fans.

Koh Tachai      Experience: **
     Current: **
     Visibility:  15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 20 - 40 meter
     Snorkel Condition: limited

Koh Bon 

This uninhabited island lays one boat hour in direction northeast from Similan Island nr. 9. Kho Bon's westside is a steep rock face that drops to 40 meters. At the bottom we often find leopard sharks and stingrays.This dive site also features a vertical wall and a small cove. Marine life includes manta rays, black and white banded coral snakes, reef sharks.

Koh Bon      Experience: **
     Current: **
     Visibility:  15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 5 - 40+ meter
     Snorkel Condition: limited

Boulder City 

The highlights of this dive site are huge Rocky Canyons. Massive Gorgonian Sea Fans fill some of the canyons.  Marine life here includes Leopard Sharks, Reef Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, Bumphead Parrotfish, Blue Spotted Stingrays and with some good luck even sightings of Manta Rays.

Boulder City      Experience: **
     Current:  *
     Visibility:  15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 15 - 40 meter
     Snorkel Condition:  not suitable

Beacon Point 

Beacon Point lies a little southeast of Beacon Beach and is similar to Beacon Beach. But due to its gigantic rock formations it is even more impressive. In addition, the famous underwater fauna includes Gorgonian's, Feather Stars and wire Corals. This dive site in the Similan Islands - National Park offers a mysterious coral world and the reefs are inhabited by Moray Eels and many other enchanting marine creatures.

Beacon Point      Experience: **
     Current: ***
     Visibility:  15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 6 - 36 meter
     Snorkel Condition: restricted

Beacon Beach 

This small beach is lined by impressing rocks lays at the east side of Koh Similan. With little imagination you change this site in a mute "animal parade". Descent frees the sight onto a slowly sloping coral reef, which is easy to dive. It is also a great spot for night dives. Because of this it is also a great spot for night dives. The underwater world offers Groupers, Snappers and Damselfish and a variety of lobsters.

Beacon Beach      Experience: *
     Current: *
     Visibility:  15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 6 - 30 meter
     Snorkel Condition: very good

Breakfast Bend 

Breakfast Bend lies to the eastern side of Koh Bangu Similan Islands - National Park and also offers easy diving. Therefore this is often the dive site where divers do the first dive of a safari. A lot of Staghorn Coral and some Coral Bommies are the home of many Moray Eels. Napoleon Wrasse and Leopard Sharks are frequent visitors. 

Breakfast Bend      Experience: **
     Current: ***
     Visibility: 15 - 25 meter
     Depth: 5 - 27 meter
     Snorkel Condition:  restricted

Christmas Point 

With its massive boulder formation breaching the surface, it drops to 30m and then to 40m and onward beyond 70 meters. Massive Gorgonian Fans in the area can be breathtaking. Explore the massive fields of multicolored bush corals and several amazing swim-throughWhite-tip Reef Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse and Ribbon Eels and many others call Christmas Point their home 

Christmas Point      Experience: *
     Current: *
     Visibility: 5 - 15 meter
     Depth: 5 - 36 meter
     Snorkel Condition:  restricted

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