Elephant & Gibbon wildlife experience - Deluxe Support the endanger wildlife by visiting one of only two real Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center near and at the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park on the island of Phuket.
Elephant & Gibbon wildlife experience - Deluxe

Elephant & Gibbon wildlife experience - Deluxe

Exploring the nature in Phuket away from the busy beaches, support the endanger wildlife by visiting one of only two real Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center near and at the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park on the island of Phuket.

Elephant Sanctuary & Gibbon Rehabilitation Center
Trip Details
Trip Code: TH-PKT-1001
Destination: Phuket
Duration: 1 day
Frequency: Daily
Departure: Phuket
Suitable For: Family, Seniors, Children, Honeymoon, Solo Traveler
Trip Theme: Adventure

Enjoy a day with Phuket’s gentle giant and funny monkeys in their natural environment.

Your private English-speaking tour guide will pick you up at your hotel / Villa and escort you by air-condition minivan to the northern part of Thailand. Time to learn a little bit of Phuket and their people.

Start your day by spending the morning with the Elephants at Phuket’s first saddle off - natural home and Sanctuary for elephants, dogs, and other wildlife in the surrounding forest. Phuket island has a few so-called Elephant Retirement or Sanctuary but only two of the are really Sanctuary and a save heaven for Elephants.  Both places are rescue sick, injured and old elephants who have spent their entire life working long, exhausting hours in the logging or tourism industry. Both places offering a unique experience observing these gentle giants in their natural environment, stroll around the forest with them and learn more about each one of their history and their rescue.

You will take a picturesque drive down a village lane into the grounds of the park to the Tree Top Reception and Observation Platform.   You will meet the elephants, learn who they are, and why they need to be protected. Take the opportunity to feed and get close to these amazing gentle giants before we enjoy a leisurely walk with the elephants. One of the key focuses is a thoroughly captivating activity to observe elephants as they go about their day; roaming, foraging, bathing, and playing in one of our three huge lagoons; splashing and rolling in the mud to their hearts content!  Your visit helps to support Thailand’s elephants and future rescues, this project and their amazing work, offers an invaluable opportunity to support ethical elephant tourism, elephant welfare, and conservation. This Park visit are all about spending time with the elephants. There is no strict schedule, the best way to make the most of your time is to relax, observe and be in ‘elephant time!”

After lunch on the observation Platform you will return to your minivan and continue your trip to the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Park. Take a small jungle trek up to the Bang Pae Waterfall which is take in the surrounding jungle and reward yourself with a dip in one of the little pools along. Take a plunch in one of the little nature pools and enjoy the refreshment in middle the forest before your tour around the Rehabilitation Center.

Before we return to your hotel/villa, you will visit the only Rehabilitation Center for Gibbons in Phuket.  Gibbons have not always been treated well in Thailand. By the 1990s, most gibbons in Phuket were flaunted in bars or photographed with tourists. They were fed peanuts and beer; so needless to say, the gibbons were not very healthy. This Gibbon Rehabilitation center aim is to release gibbons that have been held captive into the wild. The project claims that this is not really the way to solve this problem. It is time consuming, expensive and not always successful. The only way to help save the gibbons is conservation and education. The center aims to educate both local people and tourists about the importance of conserving gibbons and their habitat, as well as not supporting any businesses using wild animals. By visiting the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, you are supporting these efforts. The gibbons are usually at various stages in their release programs. 

Optional (add costs depending on the size of the group): Guided Tour around the center: You will learn during an one hour guided tour how the center is managed to save gibbons. The staff of the Center have many years of experience with getting gibbons ready to spend their lives back in the wild, and who have spent years getting gibbons back in the rainforest where they should be; telling you about the gibbons and how the long rehabilitation and reintroduction is done. It will all take place at the rehabilitation site at the rim of the last remaining tropical rainforest of Phuket, Khao Pra Taew national park. 


Package Includes:

  • private Transfers via minivan with English speaking driver
  • license English speaking guide  
  • all activities listed above
  • entry fees for parks and center
  • drinking water, snacks and vegetarian lunch

Package does not include:

Children Policy:

  • Infants under 3 yrs: FOC
  • Children under 12 yrs, discounted price on request

Gibbon Rehabilitation Center - Package: 

  • 1-3 people visit = 2,500 THB/family (up to 3 members)
  • 4-6 people visit = 5,000 THB/family (up to 6 members)
  • 7-9 people visit = 7,500 THB/family (up to 9 members)


What to bring:

  • sun screen,
  • mozzie spray,
  • walking shoe,
  • a pair of socks just in case you need to borrow boots for the sanctuary in case of rain,
  • swim suite and tower for your dip at the waterfall


*Travel- & Medical Insurance

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Private Tour:

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01 Nov 2022 30 Apr 2023 1 day

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