Discover & Explore the Land of Smile Thailand is a land of endless surprises; a truly amazing destination which is rich with offers her guests a wide array of unforgettable experiences that each of you can enjoy to the extent of your own discretion. Just amazing Thailand.
Discover & Explore the Land of Smile

Discover & Explore the Land of Smile

Sawadee Ka and welcome to ThailandSawadee and welcome to Thailand - Asia's most exciting and colorful destination and for entrusting your travel arrangements to us while you are here.

Your visit to Thailand will bring you a variety of new cultural experience, and you will soon realize how different life is from home. If any country could be considered the archetypal Southeast Asia country, it would be Thailand.

For centuries known by outsiders as Siam, Thailand has been somthing of a Southeast Asian migratory, cultural and religious crossroads. With coasts at the Gulf of Thailand and the amazing Andaman Sea, with borders to Myanmar (Burma) in the north-west, Laos in the north-east, Cambodia in the south-east and Malaysia in the south, Thailand invites traveler to discover the fascinating culture, great beaches and tasty food with tropical climate all the year around.

Thailand adds to the beauty with its Buddhist culture that reflexes on its people for their honesty and pleasantness. They show a polite and humble way and with lots of smiles on the way.

Thailand is one of the most physically and culturally rich countries of this diverse continent. The kingdom's national park system is vast; they are more than 50, restored ancient ruins, old and new temples are found all across her lush tropical landscape.

Appreciate the simple way of life that perfectly combines nature with unique tradition. Different regions of Thailand have different ways of life, depending on the natural resources and the culture, thus a hands-on experience of community-based and eco-tourism enables our guests to encounter Thailand and its people from a different perspective.


Thailand itself is broken onto four natural regions, the Northern, the North Eastern (Korat Plateau), the Central Plain or the Chao Phraya River Basin, and the Southern Peninsula. Come and join South East Asia Dreams and discover with a helpful hand from our friendly team the secret of Amazing Thailand.  Visit our blog "Thailand regions from North to South"  and see what each regions has to offer