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Currency and Exchange Service

Currency of ThailandThe Thai currency, the Baht, is not fixed to another currency but fluctuates with world market rates. The Baht is divided into 100 satang, but Satang are not much used you mainly get them in the big supermarkets or malls. Coins including 25- and 50 satang pieces and Baht in 1, 2, 5 and10 Baht coins. Banknotes are value at 20 Baht (green), 50 Baht (blue), 100 Baht (red), 500 Baht (purple) and 1000 Baht (beige).

Travelers’ cheques and foreign currency notes of all major currencies may be exchanged at any commercial bank, most hotels and foreign exchange counters.

ATM machine in ThailandAll major Bank brands within the country opens from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm, Monday – Friday, except on public holidays. However, banks in shopping malls which operate everyday between 11.00 am until 8.00 pm. 

Foreign exchange counters offering most of the time the best foreign-exchange rates than bank, they are mostly open from 09.00-22.00 (9am-10pm). The hotel reception can also change money and will levy a small charge for this service. The currency rates are better at the money booths or at the banks, then at the hotel reception, do same round check before you change your e currency.

It can get a little bit complicated if you need to change Baht back to your home currency after your holiday at a local bank, as they are not so keen to do so.  With good luck a valid airline ticket and your passport, banks must (but as said not easy doing) change the currency back.  The best way to handle is you only change as much as you need for a few days, so you do not end up with a big stack of Baht and change the rest at the airport before you check in. ‘

ATM & Credit Card

Which credit cards Thailand accept?All major credit cards are generally accepted in leading hotels, restaurant, department stores. The most accepted credit cards are Visa, Master card follow by Amex. Be aware that you might be charge with up to 5 % extra bank fees. If you withdraw from the ATM machine, remember that the amount will usually be subject to a 3 - 10 % surcharge by the bank

Do not let your credit card out of your sight and never leave your card as guarantee or security, to avoid any kind of fraud. If you credit card is lost or stolen, please contact your credit card company to cancel it immediately

Debit and ATM cards issued by a bank in your country can be used at ATM machines around Thailand to withdraw cash (in Thai baht only) directly from your account back home.

You can also use your cash-card (Euro-cheque card with Maestro symbol) with your Pin to withdraw money directly from one of the many cash machines around. But it is depending on the cash machine and your bank how much money you can withdraw in one day. Check with your bank before your departure about the availability and the allow daily amount.