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Communication / Telephone / Internet

Telephone booth in ThailandTelephone telefaxes and internet services are numerous. The country code for Thailand is 66. Area or mobile phone number begins with '0' which you drop when you call into Thailand from outside the country.

International phone calls, facsimile (fax), internet and e-mail service can be made quite easily from mid-to-upper-level hotels business centers.  You can find also telephone at your hotel with a direct access to an outside line in most hotels. Just keep an eye on the instruction at the telephone directory in your room.  Please note that there is a normally 3-minute minimum call charge. If you like to make an international call from Thailand you must dial 001 or + to get out of Thailand, follow by the country-, area and telephone number.

But these days almost everybody uses their Smart Phone to do domestic or international calls. Before you use your home phone (sim) card within Thailand, check with your service provider at home first if your card is 1. open for Thailand (many provider blocks most of the international destination) and 2. the condition on your international roaming package as some service provider are very expensive. Please note that you also pay for incoming calls on your home phone (sim) card.

Can we use Wifi around ThailandAlternative and to avoid unwanted high phone bills, you close your Sim Card on your phone and use only the WIFI / internet for your communication.

All Hotels around Thailand offering free WIFI within their comment areas such as reception or restaurant. Hotels from 3 stat onwards offer most of the time already free WIFI in your room. If you need WIFI in your room check this option before you book your hotel online. Just use any of many messenger services such as WhatsApp, Line, Signal, Messenger etc to connect with your love once at home.

Cellular operators in Thailand will allow you to use their SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) Cards in an imported phone if your phone is not SIM-locked. This gives you the opportunity to do calls to local telephone line without using your international roaming package.

You can get such SIM cards also directly at the airport, where different operators offering interesting packages for tourists. This always allows you to make cheap calls within the country. You can get these kinds of SIM Cards in one of the many small mobile phone kiosk / shops at street-side or even at 7/11.

Postal Servica in Thailand

Mail / Postal

Thailand's mail service is reliable and efficient. Major hotels provide basic postal services on their premises. Provincial post offices are usually open from 08.00 am to 04.30pm

Letters and postcards to Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand send by Airmail requires 4-6 days. The costs are depending on the destination, size and weight of your postal. EMS, DHL, FedEx service is also available within the country.