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Discover and explore Southeast Asia

There is a reason why Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Some countries have it all: rich culture, unspoiled beaches, tropical warm climate, and thousands of island, untouched nature and tasty food but mainly for the amazing people.

You do not need to spend a lot to feel like a minor member of royalty in Asia.  But if you like to really push the boat out, you will find that the region offers sumptuous opulence in abundance.

Southeast Asia covers an area of more than 4 Mil. Square kilometer, squeezed between India and China and contains: Brunei, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

And with its huge selection of sandy beaches, natural beauty and historical heritages, from exclusive unique and authentic hotels and resorts to boutique yachting expeditions through far-flung tropical archipelago, Southeast Asia has for everybody something. There is so much to explore and the best way to see and enjoy the best of the best is within a tour package or excursion.


Once you arrive, there is no shortage of travel fantasies to fulfill. Chartering a private Yacht is high on the wish list of many guests with cherished destinations including the paradise islands off Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast, the eastern extremes of Indonesia and the Mergui Archipelago, a cluster of virtually undiscovered islands in the far south of Myanmar.

With so many options, the only thing limiting the scope of experience an offer in Southeast Asia are the boundaries of the imagination.

Check out one of our unique packages / excursions and use them as a guideline what we can do. We are happy and prepared to modify or just do your own private and individual program together.

Contact us anytime via our chart or via email and let us know how your Dream Vacation looks like, what must be included and we will provide you with your tailor-made tour packages.

Enter and fulfill your South East Asia Dream and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.