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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Most of your insurance at home does not covering events which are accurse outside from your home country. Travel insurance will protect you and your family whiles you away worldwide.

It’s true that some credit cards include baggage protection and flight travel insurance, some operators offering local accident insurance etc but reading the policies carefully and you will learn that these policies are usually very limited.Enjoy your holiday

Therefore it is important that you try to additionally protect your selves with a own travel insurance.

Travel Insurance can cover you in the unlikely event of:

  • If you lose your luggage during your trip,
  • If you delay en route and missing your connection,
  • If you have to cancel your trip,
  • If you become ill during your trip,
  • If you injure yourself or in any car, bus etc crash,

Get your travel insurance with a worldwide coverage online, even after you have left home while travelling. No matter from which country you are. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world. travel insurance is built for travelers from over 140 countries, with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and 24 hour emergency support when you need it most.

Travel Insurance. Simple & Flexible.

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