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Discover the Dives sites around Similan & Surin Islands

The Similan Island National Park is the centerpiece of all Liveaboard trips. Nowhere is the diving ore varied or colorful. There are nine, densely wooded islands lying north to south. Each has its own name but everyone knows them simply by number. Most island have gorgeous beaches with fine talcum powder-like sand.

The underwater scenery changes as you alternate between the east and the west side of the islands. On the east side, the diving is on sloping hard coral reefs and shallow coral gardens. Change over to the west side and it is as you are at a totally different location. Here, huge granite boulders stacked on top of one another create cavern and swim-through. Soft corals cover everything, huge gorgonian sea fans and bright yellow tube corals add to the orgy of color. Plus of course fish, fish and more


The Surin Islands Marine National Park lies just a few miles south of Burma border. The five islands are closely grouped together; the main islands larger than any of the Similans and covered in verdant rainforest. A small Sea Gypsy community lives on the east coast. The diving here is mainly on hard coral fringe reefs, similar to the east side of the Similans.    

Divesite Map Koh Surin Thailand