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Dive Sites Western Rocky - Mergui Archipelago

Western Rock at the Andaman Sea Myanmar / Burma      Experience: **/***
     Current: ***
     Visibility:  5 - 25 meter
     Depth: 5 - 30+ meter
     Snorkel Condition: notsuitable

There is no dive site quite like Western Rocky in either Thailand or Myanmar. Situated in open sea, the island has a long sloping reef on the northeast side. The other side offer wall diving. The sand bottom starts at 30 to 35 meters and is dotted with boulders and coral heads that are covered with large fans and colorful soft corals.

Just east of the island for pinnacles break the surface, while a number of submerged pinnacles are found off the south side. Western Rocky’s unique feature is a large tunnel that runs right through the middle of the island. Inside this tunnel you can see often a number of sleepy nurse sharks and scores of lobsters.

But Western Rocky is most liked for its fabulous macro life, a lot of soft corals and sea fans, a perfect place for underwater photographers. It's also a very good spot for night dives. You can expect many species of nudibranchs, crabs and shrimps as well as mollusks like cowries and murex shells. Possible even rarifies like harlequin shrimps an frogfish. Chances for meeting black tip and white tip sharks as well as the gray reef shark are possible. All in all a true world-class dive site!