Dive sites around the Mergui Archipelago Dive into world class divesites such as Burma Banks, South Twin, Rocky Island, High Rock, Fan Forest Pinacle, North Rock and Western Rocky, Shark Cave, Three Islet and not to forget the famous Black Rock.
Dive sites around the Mergui Archipelago

Dive sites around the Mergui Archipelago

Scuba diving around the area close to the Myanmar’s shore (mainland) is very scenic but has no decent diving. The middle area is more interesting. Visibility is only fair, but there is plenty of interesting marine life. Different species of Sharks and Stingrays as well as a good assortment of small and semi-rare creatures such as ghost Pipefish and Razorfish were spotted here. The reefs are mainly rocky with hard corals although some areas have sponges, fans and soft corals as well.

The westernmost region of the Mergui Archipelago is where the water gets deeper and clearer. This is where most of the dive sites are located. “Unique” is the best way to describe the Mergui Archipelago. Here you have the one thing Thailand’s island lack; good anchorage. There are hundreds of deserted coves and bays fringed with sandy beaches. There is a bay for every boat, in any weather. The islands are covered with rainforest and mostly uninhabited.  Come and explore with us !

Dive Site Description - Mergui Archipelago

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