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Dive around the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar - Burma

The Mergui Archipelago, also called Myeik Archipelago is located at the sown south part of Myanmar. The archipelago's virtual isolation from most of mankind's influence on the natural environment has given the islands of the Mergui Archipelago and the surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea a great diversity of flora and fauna.  It is also the main scuab diving destination within Myanmar.

Unpoilt and amazing beaches around Myanmar's Mergui Archipelagobe one with the underwater fauna at the Mergui Archipelago in MyanmarMergui Archipelago's beaches once in the lifetime

They are generally covered with thick tropical growth, including rainforest, and their shorelines are punctuated by beautiful beaches, rocky headlands, and in some places, mangrove swamps, Offshore are extensive coral reefs.

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In times when remote-controlled robots are discovering planet Mars, it almost sounds like a fairy tale: the Mergui Archipelago is one of the world's last areas which has never before been explored by divers. The port of Mergui was the main gate to the Gulf of Siam in the 17th century and acts of piracy were rampant, as all passing traders had to come into the port.

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