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Welcome to the Myanmar - Burma

Burma Scuba Diving Among the untouched stunning islands with diversities of flora and fauna, Myanmar's underwater scenes and marine life are the most prominent. Under the pristine clear water, by scuba diving you can observe the soft and hard corals, colorful reefs, fascinating topography and various prolific fishes.

Myanmar (Burma) is the largest country within Southeast Asia and bordered by land with China on the northeast, Laos on the east, and Thailand on the southeast, Bangladesh on the west and India on the northwest. The southwest along the coastline of Myanmar (Burma) bordered with the Bay of Bengal, the Gulf of Martaban and Andaman Sea.

In 1997 when Myanmar opened up their borders to the Mergui Archipelago, for outside visitors. Dive operators from Thailand (mainly from Phuket and Ranong) starting to explore.  With a rich and diverse marine ecosystem untouched by tourism and left in isolation for many years it can offer some amazing surprises.

Myanmar (Burma) offers pristine and untouched dive sites and with over 800 islands covering some 12,000 square kilometers its isolation makes it one of the worlds true frontier diving destinations. Because of the distance and the fact that Myanmar still has not a crowing scuba diving industry the islands north from Myeik are still untouched and need to be discovered.

Burma Banks

The Burma Banks are a series of submerged sea mounts in remote waters around 180km northwest of the Similan. In the past it was one of the highlight of every scuba diving excursion but sadly dynamite and over fishing in the last year let this amazing area very much suffered. The Myanmar Government is trying to patrolling the area but because the Burma Banks are soo fare out, the resources are too limited to cover all the area. Hopefully in the next years the Myanmar Government will be able to get better control of illegal activities around the whole archipelago.

Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago is the main area for scuba diving. Most of the vessels visiting Burmese waters originate from Thailand, either Ranong or Phuket. They are all liveaboards as day trips are impractical due to the distances needed to travel between dive sites. There is always something exciting happening when diving in Burma; you never know what is out there.  Most of the islands are uninhabited, and you can be one week on one of the scuba diving vessels without seen any other boats beside a few local Sea Gypsies and some fishing vessels.  Despite the government's pressure to protect the archipelago, evidence of dynamite fishing can still be found. However, the authorities have finally awoken to the power of the tourist dollar and have consequently outlawed dynamite and shark fishing in the area.

Scuba Diving Season:  October to May is the main Burma diving season. For optimum diving conditions in the Mergui Archipelago we recommend you visit between the months of December and April. February to May tend to witness the most frequent manta ray and whale shark sightings.