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Dive Sites West Ridge - Sipadan

Dive site West Ridge      Experience: *
     Current: *
     Visibility:  5 - 25 meter
     Depth: 18 meter
     Snorkel Condition: very good
Great place for afternoon dives or snorkeling at the shallow area with Great place for afternoon dives at the shallow area, when the sun lights the reef. The reef is located at the North West tip of Sipadan Island. Large black coral bushes are numerous as well as Reef fish like oriental sweet lips, coral grouper, yellow-tailed snapper and Moorish idols as well as Anemones including the famous anemone fish. Hawksbill turtles, surgeonfish Moorish idols and gold-band fusilier calling this reef their home. With some luck, you are able to find green turtles and Napoleon wrasse within colorful hard and soft corals, which created quite a decent underwater garden.