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Dive Sites Staghorn Crest - Sipadan

Dive site Staghorn Crest      Experience: ***
     Current: ***/*
     Visibility:  10 - 30 meter
     Depth: 20 - 40+ meter
     Snorkel Condition: not suitable
The Staghorn Crest is another wall dive site which start with an easy decent along a drop-off. At the shallow end is a garden of staghorn corals, which dominate the reef. The corals crow to great size and black corals are prolific a dream for photographers in the afternoon sun. Away from the reef and scanning the blue water for sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. Within the coral garden many creatures as triggerfish, groupers, shrimps, nudibranchs, gobies, angelfish and grunts are calling the staghorn crest their home.