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Dive Sites Barracuda Point - North Point - Sipadan

Dive site Barracuda Point - North Point      Experience: ***
     Current: */***
     Visibility:  10 - 30 meter
     Depth: 15- 20 meter
     Snorkel Condition: limited
One of the top dive sites at Sipadan if not of the world. Barracuda Point. The dive starts out as classic wall dive before coming to a channel in 18 meters of water with frequently strong currents pushing through it. It is on the end of the channel where thousands of barracuda often hang out. Reef Sharks often found resting on the channel bottom and the floor is teeming with macro-life, from spotted garden eels and scorpion fish, morays to lionfish, octopus, and more. The shallows at Barracuda Point feature some of the most beautiful coral turtles snacking on sponges or just sleeping the day away.