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Welcome to Mabul Island

Palau Mabul located off the southeastern coast of Sabah in Malaysia. Mabul is recognition as one of the best "muck diving" sites in the world.

Welcome to the Malbul

Mabul Island or Palau Mabul is a small oval shaped island surrounding by sandy beaches also Mabul became many years ago the place to stay to visit the famous brother Palau Sipadan after all the resorts had to be removed to protect the surrounding environment.

The reef around Mabul, on the northwest corner is over 200-hectare large and on the edge of the continental shelf.

The seabed surrounding the reef slopes out to 25-30m deep and a wonderland for strange and exotic marine critters. The waters around Mabul are different than the walls of nearby Palau Sipadan with his shallow sandy bottoms and gently sloping fringing reef are quite mucky but many rare creatures found in the area.

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