Check out Raja Ampat’s finest Liveaboards The best way to explore Raya Ampat and its amazing dive sites is onboard of a liveaboard vessel. Discover with us the amazing Raya Ampat Archipelago on board of one of our selected liveaboard vessels.
Check out Raja Ampat’s finest Liveaboards

Check out Raja Ampat’s finest Liveaboards

There are many Liveaboard vessels and trips which visit the amazing Raja Ampat Archipelago Islands in Indonesia. Check out below some of the most popular of Liveaboard Vessels which will bring you to the islands such as Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo as well as the smaller island of Kofiau around the Raja Ampat Archipelago.  

Please see below our favours as sample for an unforgetable scuba diving holiday, you will find more boats HERE

Raja Ampat's most popular Liveaboard Yachts 

Scuba Diving on board of MV Mermaid 1
One of only a few boats that offer Komodo trips with embarkation and disembarkation from Bali. She also offers a range of top Indonesian itineraries including Komodo, Banda Sea, and Maumere. Experienced, professional liveaboards crew will do their best to make your diving vacation great. Take advantage of comfortable indoor and outdoor lounge areas.
Scuba Diving on board of Teman
Teman a two masts wooden sailboat. You can choose trips with a different duration and explore the most recognizable destinations of Indonesia such as Komodo and Raja Ampat. The boat has a rather small capacity, so you can rely on personal care. The liveaboard offers diving at best and is a well-known destination for a smart price. 
Scuba Diving on board of Sea Safari 6
The Sea Safari 6 is the smallest of the Sea Safari fleet. Her cabins are big and spacious with a lots of relaxation areas around the yacht. A wide variety of itineraries that include traditional Komodo and Raja Ampat and less traditional Halmahera and Lembeh.
Scuba Diving on board of MV Seaisee
The Seaisee is a luxury floating hotel provides scuba diving. One of the few steel boats in Indonesia. A private Jacuzzi is available onboard. Join us to visit all the best diving destinations of Indonesia has to offer, from Bali to Komodo, through the Banda Sea, and up to Raja Ampat.
Raja Ampat Aggressor Liveaboard
This wooden sailing yacht in the classic Phinisi tradition. You will find varied Indonesian traditional food on the menu. The highly reliable boat' staff will ensure your diving will be safe and the cruise will be enjoyable. Explore with her one of the most iconic destinations of Indonesia - Raja Ampat is full of underwater treasures.
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