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Dive Sites Fiabacet - East Misool Island

Scuba diving at Fiabacet east of the Misool island Experience: *
Current: *
Visibility:  20 - 30 meter
Depth: 20 - 40 meter
Snorkel Condition:  very good
Fiabacet are two little islands east of Misool Island, there are several bommies with drop offs, on every island and at depth of around 18 meters the reeg is steep slope.   The area is coverag with Sea Fan, Table corals  but soft corals are very dominant. Here you will find the Pygmy Seahorses, Nudibranches and Flatworms as well as schools of fusiliers, Butterfly- and Angelfishs, Grouper, Damselfish, Wrasse, Parrot- and Surgeon fish, Triggers, Box-  ,Puffer- and Porcupine fish.