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Explore the Indonesian Archipelago on board a Liveaboard Vessel

Explore the Indonesian Archipelago on board a Liveaboard Vessel

Choise your destination within Indonesia and you vessel and nothing will hold you back for an unltimate scuba diving holiday.

A country as Indonesia with its more than 13.000 island can be only explored via boat.   Planning your scuba diving holiday on board of a liveaboard boat means you do not have to worry about  accommodation, being late on transfers or to worry about lunch and dinner. 

Welcome on board and visit the amazing Komodo DragonWelcome on board to the most amazing dive destination world wideEverything is taken care of and your job is only relax and enjoy your time.

Within Indonesia are a lot of different boats, providing a full range of dive sites from budget to luxurious trips, find below only some option of Indonesia Liveaboards. We have listed only a range of trips, differing in price, standard, length of trips and destinations.

Packages and prices are different according to the standard of boat, the locations and distance traveled.

Liveaboard scuba diving boats are available for the following locations: Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Sulawesi etc

Indonesia provide for some of the best diving in the world. If any of the vessels or trips below do not suit your needs, we also have other trips and boats to choose from.

Why not continue your scuba diving education by doing some scuba diving course onboard of one of our Indonesian liveaboard, charters or day trips.

Check out Indonesia's finest:

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