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Dive Site Payung Island

Scuba diving at Payung Island Very interesting underwater landscape with huge rocks that give the illusion of a wreck dive. There are many canyons and crevices to explore. Fish and invertebrate life is diverse and abundant. There are big schools of surgeons and smaller yellow snappers (Lutjanus kasmira and L. quinquelineatus). Rocky reefs are covered with soft coral, gorgonians and feather stars. The southern and western sides of Payung island offer the most interesting reef scapes. A rock in the shape of a cannon lies at 5 m depth on the southern tip of the island. As with most dive sites in the southern section of the Park, visibility is relatively low (5-10 m) and the water is cooler (low to mid 20°C range). This site should be dived at slack-tide, preferably during slack of low tide. Two dives are possible: The first dive descends at the northwest tip of the island (near the rocks that nearly break the surface) and continues south (with the slope on your left) at 15-30 meters depth, then turns at the southern-most end of the island and ascends to 10 m depth. The second dive starts at the southeastern side of the island and proceeds around the southern tip of the island at 20-35 m depth, then ascends to 5-15 m depth.