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Dive Site Darat Passage South - Loh Liang (Komodo) Island

 Scuba diving at Darat Passage South Turtles can be seen on this pretty coral reef. At 20-25m depth to the south of the point, many small coral trout, large schools of anchovies and small tuna and trevallies come in to feed in the bay. Deeper along the bottom of the slope fish life increases; garden eels sway and whitetip reef sharks sleep on the sandy bottom near the point. Good snorkeling here although a lot of damage has been done by fish bombing and reef gleaning (meting).The entry point for this dive site is inside the bay along the eastern shore of the peninsula with the reef to the left side of the diver. The best time to dive is when the current is running from east to west through the narrow passage between Gililawa Darat and Komodo Island. The dive ends when the current brings you around the point. The best place to see many fish while snorkeling is at the tip of the point.Gililawa Bay is a good anchorage for boats.