Indonesia Scuba Diving in Indonesia means diving within the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia has worldwide the greatest marine biodiversity and boasts more amazing dive sites as anywhere else on earth. Visit with us the amazing divesites around Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Raya Ampart, Sulawesi and more


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A country such as Indonesia with its more than 13.000 islands can be only explored via boat. Planning your scuba diving holiday on board a liveaboard boat means you do not have to worry about accommodation, being late on transfers, or to worry about lunch and dinner. Everything is taken care of and your job is only to relax and enjoy your time.

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   Check out Indonesia's popular destinations:

Scuba Diving around Komodo in Indonesia
Scuba Diving around Raja Ampat in Indonesia
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 Take a plunge and discover an ocean teeming with all types of marine life, from Sumatra to Papua. Where else in the world can you get up close to a whole school of giant manta rays and turtles, dive spectacular drop-offs, and explore old shipwrecks?

With South East Asia Dreams you will visit many of the great dive sites around the Nusa Tenggara Islands, which include Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, and Flores, up to Alor. Indonesia has the richest, most diverse marine environment in the world. There are fantastic dive sites between Komodo and Labuhanbajo in Flores, around the Banta Islands, and off the north coast of Flores to Alor.