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Diving Insurance

Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba diving is fun and safe when practiced the proper way. But we also know that scuba diving can be inherently risky by not following the rules.Enjoy your holiday

These days many medical insurance policies are often subject to restrictions so that they do not including scuba diving or covering only medically necessary serves.

Therefore it is very important that divers are covered any time. To be covered for any accidents or incidents during your fun time while scuba diving ensure your peace and avoid financial problems in the event something happen.

Scuba Diving insurance will cover you:

  • In case of stings, bites, boat collisions and cases of possible decompression sickness
  • In case of an accident in the resort or on the boat - falling, slipping, gear dropped on foot etc
  • In case of any incident which may require medical evacuation
  • In case you lose your scuba gear on the way to or from a dive trip
  • As well as cover any medical service while you on holiday
Have a look at below options for your scuba diving insurance.
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Get your Dive Card today and receive a professional accident management service:

  • Diving medical care right from the start since every minute counts. With an international emergency call service, Assistance doctors are there for you 24/7. They initiate all important arrangements for you immediately.
  • The right pressure chamber, since diving accidents can require different treatments. With the help of a worldwide pressure chamber database, they do not just organize any pressure chamber, but also take into account the technical and therapeutic options of the treatment centers.
  • Qualified doctors since medicine abroad mostly important, diving medicine are special areas requiring particular knowledge. The medical teams at the hotline have many years of experience in Assistance medicine, primarily work in international emergency calls, and know doctors and treatment options around the world.
  • Optimum treatment at the right place is organized in co-operation with the treating doctor and their doctors. A logistics department organizes and co-ordinates everything from transportation to medical treatment to pressure chamber therapy.
  • Appropriate return transfer since in some diving accidents, special pressure conditions and requirements are necessary in the airplane. Aqua med also takes these specifics into account.