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Adventure Cruise - Similan & Surin Island - 3 days / 3 nights

Discover the famous scuba diving and snorkeling destination around the Similan and Surin Marine National Park on board of one of the coziest vessels in Thailand.

Trip Details
Trip Code: TH-PKT-2001
Destination: Phuket
Duration: 3 days
Frequency: By Schedule
Departure Time: from Khao Lak
Suitable For: Family, Seniors, Children
Trip Theme: Adventure, Cruises, Culture
Manta Ray Thailand
Coral Reefs around the Andmana Sea
Surin Island Moken Village
Surin Island
Thailand SImilan National Park
Koh Bon Island - Thailand
snorkeling excursion
beaches - Surin National Park
Snorkeling vessel
Similan National Park - Thailand

The Similan & Surin Islands Island Hopping Safari itinerary has been carefully designed and takes into consideration the busiest times at the snorkel sites and also including some of the less well known spots that hold some hidden gems. The route is flexible, so if our guests are particularly enjoying one of our Koh Bon, Koh Tachai or Surin snorkel tour destinations we can extend our stay or we can move on if we find ourselves inundated by speedboat day trippers.


Departure day  Khao Lak / KuraBuri - Koh Bon  (- / - / D )

Depending on where you stay either in Khao Lak, Khao Sok or Phuket, you will be collected to bring you to main office in Khao Lak to bring you to the pier.  Meeting time will be at 18.20

Once on board, meet the crew and listen to a short boat briefing, check in your cabin and enjoy the cruise to the Koh Bon (Similan National Park), where we will stay overnight. On the journey out dinner will be served and you get the change to meet your fellow snorkeling colleagues. Overnight on board

Day 1   Koh Bon -  Koh Tachai – Surin Island ( B / L / D )

Wake up call around 07.00 am so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast served on board at 7.30 am. Get ready for a short briefing on the first snorkel destination incl some tips and trick for your snorkel equipment at Koh Bon, a 65 million year old island formed by sediment limestone. Koh Bon belongs to the Similan National Park (as does Koh Tachai) and is very popular among divers. The fish diversity is likely to be unique in Thailand. The first snorkel spot we explore at Koh Bon is called ‘Koh Bon Ridge’ or ‘Manta Point’.

Snorkeling time are usually 1 hour at a time, which is normally enough time to explore a site and gives us plenty of time to travel between the different snorkel sites. Koh Bon is famous for being a hot spot for Mantas, so if it’s the right time of the year you might just get to encounter one! Even without Mantas, Koh Bon has its own unique and special charm.  

After a short break get ready for the second jump into the water and snorkel inside the bay as well as on the backside of Koh Bon. While you are in the water exploring, the crew will prepare lunch.  After your lunch break MV Sawan will cruise to Koh Tachai, one of the most beautiful islands in the Similan Marine National Park. The way to Koh Tachai takes around two and a half hours, which gives you plenty time to relax on the sundeck, read a book or just take a short nap.

The southern tip of Koh Tachai is called “Koh Tachai Pinnacle” and with a bit of luck we might be able to snorkel with a Manta Ray, Whale Shark or hundreds of Barracuda. You will be amazed at your first encounter with Koh Tachai, in all its stunning glory. Arriving in the afternoon it is highly likely we will be the only ones here, making it that much more special. We try to make the most of this beautiful destination while it is empty, snorkeling at sites abundant in underwater life.  

We return back to the boat before sunset back, to make our way out to Surin National Park. We will arrive at the Surin Islands shortly before sunset.  Dinner will be served and overnight on board in a secure bay at Surin Island. 

Day 2   Surin Island ( B / L / D )

Wake up once around07.00 am to enjoy another hearty breakfast served on board at 7.30. Today we spend the whole day around Surin Islands – the highlight of the your Safari. The archipelago of the Surin Islands is a mecca for snorkeling fans and offers a variety of snorkel spots – colorful corals in shallow water, countless fish and pristine beaches.

Start at ‘Chong Kad Bay and find a perfect underwater world with intact hard and soft corals and a variety of marine life that leaves no room for boredom. We will stay for one hour before heading onto one of the islands and visiting the Moken village (Sea Gypsies).  Moken people, also known as Selung, Salone are an Austronesian ethnic group which is still living in few villages around the islands within the Andaman Sea.    

This part of the trip makes this Excursion to one of the outstanding tours in this region, as we include this cultural aspect which is an important part of the Andaman Sea within the route. You will take a look around the village and observe what island life is like for these sea faring folk.  Take the chance to purchase some unique souvenirs here, as the Moken make beautiful little trinkets and are grateful for the income.

We try to be as socially and environmentally responsible as we can. Afterwards our traditional Moken taxi will take us to ‘Kra Thing Bay’. From here we will follow a short trail across the island to ‘Mai Ngam Bay’ for some relaxing time on the beach and swimming off the shore. And if it is the right time of the year we might be lucky and can play with baby sharks in the mangroves.

Back on board enjoy your tasty lunch and a short break. Our next stop is ‘Mae Yai Bay’ at Koh Surin, where you can enjoy   . Here you can splash in the crystal clear waters and/or explore by snorkeling the marvel at the beautiful corals and interesting tropical fish.

Around 16.30 we plan to arrive at our last snorkeling stop for the day, ‘Turtle Bay’. From here you also have the chance to catch the dingy over to the main island of Surin. 

Next we will have our last scrumptious dinner on board enjoy the evening on board. Overnight on board  at Surin.

Day 3  Surin -  Kuraburi   ( B / L / - )

Today the wakeup call will be at 7.30 for an 8.00 breakfast on board. Get ready for your final day at the Andaman Sea and on board. At about 9.00 we will arrive at ‘Phak Kat Bay’ another amazing Bay on Surin, where we will spend one hour snorkeling for more fascinating sea creatures and corals.

Our last dip into the sea will be at 10.30 at a snorkel site called ‘Lobster Bay’ , another one of the best snorkeling spot out in this area.  At 12.00 we will serve lunch on the boat as we cruise back to the mainland / pier.

We will arrive in Kura Buri at approximately 16.00 after an unforgettable Andaman snorkeling experience full of stunning beaches, breathtaking vistas and colorful sea life. The transfer back to Khao Lak will take about an hour and a half, so you should be back to your resort by 17.30. 


Note:  The itinerary will be reversed when the starting point is in Kura Buri. The Similan & Surin Islands Island Hopping Safari route might slightly alter when travelling in any direction, depending on the tour leader and at the advice of the captain. Also remember that we are very flexible, if guests are interested in a particular snorkel spot or have something that they would like to do (wedding proposal, birthday surprise etc.) we will do our best to accommodate. 


Prices include:
Round Transfer from your hotel in Khao Lak / Kuraburi to the jetty, Accommodation on board of MV Sawan based on shared twin air-con cabin, all meals (with minimum 3 - 4 different dishes); Western, Thai cuisine, snacks, fruits, hot beverages, coffee, tea, Milo, bed lining, Life Jackets, English speaking guides and tour leader, fee usage of Sea Kayaks (sit-on-top), snorkeling sets (mask, snorkel and fins),

Prices do not include:
any other transfers to and from the pier which are not listed within the program, any international or domestic airfare & hotels (can be organized by us, just contact us in advanced), Koh Bon, Koh Tachai  & Surin National Park Fee *, alcoholic beverages, expenditures of personal nature, service not mentioned above, towel, tips, travel insurance***

Koh Bon, Koh Tachai  & Surin National Park Fee *
Total (payable on board) 1.000 THB per person in cash. The above Fee is set by the National Park Office and is subject to change without notice.

Children and elderly & Disabled people Policy:
Due to insurance-technical reasons with Thai Insurance Company the boat is not able to take children under the age of 7, disabled people and people older than 75 years on board.

Single Supplement surcharge – Single traveler
The surcharge for single supplement is 5.500 THB for the trip

Travel Insurance

including medical repatriation insurance is mandatory on all our trips. It is not included with our packages and it is your responsibility to purchase suitable insurance package. Make sure that it covers all the activities that you are likely to undertake, such as rafting, scuba diving, cycling, cruises, trekking etc.  Many ‘free’ insurances that come with banking packages, credit cards etc., are quite inadequate to cover you our tours, so make sure you check the policy before your travel. You are required to give a copy of your insurance policy to your tour leader upon arrival. Without proper insurance like this, we will not be allowed to join the tour as we will not able to respond adequately in case an emergency if you do not have the right insurance. Please also contact your doctor for further preparations regarding to your chosen travel destination including immunizations.

For those who are still looking for a good Travel Insurance with a worldwide coverage. No matter from which country you are, just follow the link HERE and get your insurance package. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world, even while you away from home and already on the way.

Join in Tour:

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Private Tour:

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Price is quoted per person and subject to change without prior notice