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Dive Mergui Archipelago - 6 Days / 5 Nights

MV Thai Sea

Discover the underwater world around the Mergui Archipelago on board of MV Thai Sea, our budget scuba diving liveaboard vessel for Myanmar incl. High Rock, North Twin, Shark Cave, Seafan Forrest, Western Rocky.

Departure procedure on board of MV Thai Sea
Mergui Archipelago on board of Thai Sea
Scuba diving around the Mergui Archipelago
MV Thai Sea in Myanmar
Diving onboard of MV Thai Sea

Departure day - Day 1: Meeting time at the Dive Shop 12.00 in Ranong. You will have time to try your rental equipment before we board MV Thai Sea. Before we can start our cruise the Thai Immigration is coming on board to do all the check out of Thailand procedure. Now we will cross the river to Kawthaung , where you will get your visa for Burma and permit to visit the archipelago. Officer will come onboard to control that all the papers are in order.  After all the administration part it is time to actually depart into the adventure but not before we do a little ceremony to wish for a great and save journey.  Enjoy the sunset before dinner will be served on board while we are cruising into the night.

Day 2:   The first day will be in an area rich in macro life, we will visiting High Rock or rocky point where we can often spot rays and cobia as well as a lot of small stuff hiding in the coral. Its a good day to test out your eyes! You can find all the special little things like Pipefish, Pineapple Fish, Frogfish, Sea Horses and many different species of Nudibranchs. We will also show you one of the dive sites we recently discovered with a tunnel often inhabited by the soft giants nurse sharks and do the night dive around Spanish garden, which we named that way because of the many Spanish dancers resident.

Day 3:  Today we will spend most of the day around Shark Cave, with 3 dive sites to explore. After the second dive we visit one of the amazing beaches around the Archipelago and you can get some sand between our toes.   During the dive with some luck we will see: Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark and big blotched sting ray…  and with keeping an eye on the small staff we will see: Ghost pipe fish, harlequin shrimps, frog fish, seahorse and gorgeous coral everywhere.  For the night dive, you can pick your favorite of these three dive sites and you are sure to have an awesome time. Shrimps are everywhere your eyes look and we often spot Spanish dancers and other big nudibranch here too.   

Day 4:  Today we're diving around North Twin. Our furtherst point on this cruise which usually offer the best visibility and the highest chance for pelagic. Chance to see Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, Whale Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Nurse Shark, Zebra Shark and giant Sea Fans..  

Day 5: The first dive will be around Seafan forest a gorgeous site with giant seafan like nowhere else on one side and purple vibrant soft corab on the overs. We have seen up to 4 whales sharks at the same time on this site so we might stay for another dive here if they are around or we will do the next 3 dives around Western Rocky which is also absolutely amazing. One of the highlights is a tunnel that goes all the way through the island inhabited by many lobsters. We have spotted here various shark species (Bowmouth Guitar Fish, Whale Shark, reefsharks) and often have resident Harlequin Shrimps, frogfishs and Sea Horses and a lot of shrimp and crab species are represented…

Day 6: The first dive today goes into a volcano where a group of black tip sharks likes to hang around and the other one or two will be in the same area rich in macro life. Here the question is not if you will see a seahorse, the question is how many? up to 10 per dive if you have good eyes as well as rare species such as shaded bat fish, comet long fins or pinneaple fish.  After the last dive we will head back toward Kawthaung where there will be opportunity to explore the market or enjoy the crew's hospitality with a beer in the local pub. Once we got our passports back by the Burmese authorities, we will sail back to Thailand where we get a new visa. 

Note: Schedule and Itinerary depending on the weather conditions and the discretion of the Cruise Director and Captain and depends on currents, dive sites activities, light, objective, sailing times etc. The spots are possible, but not guaranteed. 

The itineraries include dives deeper than 18 meters. if they are not yet certified, we will ask them to pass their advanced open water certification onboard for 6000thb or 1000 thb for a single training dive, the deep diving adventure dive. Both will allow you to dive up to 30 meters.

Notes: Please note that all Mergui Archipelago / Myanmar trips are closed for any bookings 2 weeks before the departure date of the trip, this time is needed to get all Immigration and Permit procedures ready. 


Package included:
Full accommodation and board, Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon bites, Dinner, all soft drinks, drinking water, filter coffee & tea, fresh fruits, yoghurt & snacks,  12 Liter Alum. Cylinders, Weights & Weight Belt, PADI Professional Dive Guide /4 divers, all Dives during the Trip, towel, shower gel, sea kayak and hamac, dive lamps for night dives and first set of batteries  

Package do not included:
Any transfers to and from your hotel to the pier which is not mentioned in the Itinerary (but can be organize on extra charge), Any international or domestic airfare, Myanmar Entry and Visa permission * (payable on board), Diving /or  Travel insurance**, Rental diving equipment *** (please book in advance if you need to rent a diving computer or underwater camera etc), Nitrox, PADI / SSI Diving courses (please book in advance), alcoholic beverages, Wine, beer, Tip for Crew, Divemaster, Instructor, driver, guide,
Note: For your security, we ask that every diver has a dive computer and every buddy team has an SMB.
* Myanmar Entry and Visa permission
We enter Myanmar (Burma) under a license agreement from the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Passengers for these dive cruises do not need a visa, but are required to pay an entry fee of 170 US$, Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


 *** Rental Equipment:

•  Full set Equipment (BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins and Wetsuite) rental (500THB/ day)
•  Computer (300/day)
•  camera (400/day)
•  Nitrox (250/tank)

Important Information:
All divers are required to show valid certification and to sign a liability release form and medical statement prior to the boat’s departure. If medical clearance is needed, please arrange this prior to checkin. Guests that have not been diving for more than 1 year before check-in should complete a scuba review signed in their logbook.

MV Thai Sea is also available for liveaboard charter; please contact us for more details to make your scuba vacation special for you and your friends.

Travel & Diving Insurance

Including medical repatriation insurance is mandatory on all our trips. It is not included with our packages and it is your responsibility to purchase suitable insurance package. Make sure that it covers all the activities that you are likely to undertake, such as rafting, scuba diving, cycling, cruises, trekking etc.  Many ‘free’ insurances that come with banking packages, credit cards etc., are quite inadequate to cover you our tours, so make sure you check the policy before your travel. You are required to give a copy of your insurance policy to your tour leader upon arrival. Without proper insurance like this, we will not be allowed to join the tour as we will not able to respond adequately in case an emergency if you do not have the right insurance. Please also contact your doctor for further preparations regarding to your chosen travel destination including immunizations.

Diving Insurance
There are two very good option diving insurance companies on the market. If you are a European Citizen, you can get your diving insurance directly online with us. Just follow HERE and enter all your details, you will get a confirmation within 24hrs.

For outside Europe Citizen you are able to visit the Webpage of DAN to apply for your diving insurance:

Travel Insurance
For those who are still looking for a good Travel Insurance with a worldwide coverage. No matter from which country you are, just follow the link HERE and get your insurance package. Buy, extend and claim online, from anywhere in the world, even while you away from home and already on the way.

Price is quoted per person and subject to change without prior notice