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Food and Water

Thailands famous thai foodThailand is a food heaven; it is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices. Start a sensational culinary journey and taste experience that will be unrivalled and guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Thai food has some heavy Southeast Asian and Indian influences but manages a distinctive taste and style of its own. Chang Mai has milder food than Central Thailand and curries are very popular in the south. A typical Thai dinner is comprised of five or more dishes plus rice. Dinner usually includes soup, a steamed or grilled dish, a fried dish, a salad and a variety of hot sauces for flavoring vegetables, meat and fish, Dessert may be fruit or a sticky rice dish.

There is also an unbelievable selection of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican and mid European style restaurants in the main cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Pattaya. Thailand is a melting-pot of world cuisine, creating amazing food, which mirrors the ethic variety, a fusion of great tastes.

With the great variety of different herbs, spices and ingredients, cooking evolved into the typical Thai character and has gained worldwide popularity. Thai food is famous for its honesty and simplicity with sensational clean flavors, stunning colors and unique textures. The wide selection of ingredients and the different methods of preparation always lead to new discoveries, as only the freshest products are used and just lightly cooked, it has been called the healthiest and tastiest diet.

Not everything is too spicy many dishes are sweet or sour, deliciously combined with lemon grass coriander, garlic, shallots, basil or ginger. In Thailand you also eat with your eyes as most dishes are beautiful decorated, with carved fruit or vegetables. Chopsticks are only used for noodle soup, otherwise you will serve a spoon and fork.

It is custom in Thailand that each person has its own plate with rice while all the other dishes are in the middle of the table to be shared. Rather than fill up your plate full, Thais taking only small portions of the shared dishes onto their plate and later replenish it as they desire. Food is usually warm not hot. The best and traditional way to enjoy is to start wit ha spoon of rice as a gesture that the main element of the meal is ice. Taking a small piece of meat, vegetable and a bit of rice on the spoon is the next step and lets you also decide just how mild or spicy you wish to eat.

Local favor food and dishes

Fried or Boiled Noodle Dishes usually with pork or chicken are available at many noodle shops in the town. Thailand haven of a,azomg dishesKhanom Chin a version of noodles taken at breakfast usually served with a spicy curry sauce and fresh vegetables. La Bah is fried pork sausage marinated in Palo herb powder. They go well with fried tofu and dipping sauce. Nam Phrik Kung Siap is a mixture of dried chili and smoked shrimps taken with various fresh vegetables. Oh Aew is a jelly-like dessert made from mixture of banana and jelly fig served with syrup and ice. Oh Tao is similar to ‘Hoi Tod’ or fried mussels in flour paste. In this case, oysters are used instead and they are mixed with flour, taro and eggs. Phuket Dim Sum also has known among the locals as ‘Seaw Bouy’ is another popular breakfast that goes well with coffee.  

 For drinking, the choice is water, lemon juice, ice tea, beer or wine. A typical drink is the ‘Mekong’ or “Sangthip’ a type of rum made mainly from rice and molasses, mixed with coke and soda and a dash of lemon. Wine is mainly imported, but Thailand also produces some wine in some vineyards near Khoa Yai area through to Loei in the North-east and to the central region.  Brewing beer in Thailand starts 1934 and found its own niche besides the major international brands. Thai beer is mainly lager and the oldest and most popular Thai beer is Singha, brewed by Book Rawd Brewery who also produces Leo.  The second famous Thai beer is Chang made by Thai beverages and Tiger beer which is brewed by Asia Pacific Breweries in partnership with Heineken.

Drining Water in ThailandDrinking water is considered quite safe to drink in the major deluxe hotels, but the cautions should always stick with bottled mineral water and sodas to avoid an upset stomach. Tap-water can be used for cleaning teeth, but is not recommended for drinking.  Most hotels supply a couple of complimentay bottles for drinking water or water in a thermos flask. The bottles may bot be in the refrigerator, but are marked 'free' or  'complimentary'. Many hotels have in their minibars also branded drinking water such us Evan etc which is not for free.  

You do not need to be concerned about the water or ice served in the hotels or local established restaurants or bars. The ice is all made from purified water and is perfectly safe and produced in factories that are licensed and inspected by the government. However, care should be taken in the case of ice from the roadside vendors, so please take care and check that any drinks your buy from vendors are in properly sealed bottles.