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Travel Info & Tips

Do and Don't

Whilst Thais do not expect foreigners to know and understand their culture, visitors can ensure a very pleasant stay by remembering a few simple tips.

  • The monarchy and religion are held in the highest respect in Thailand and any comments or actions considered derogatory to either are not tolerated
  • Dress conservatively in temples and government offices, Short trousers and skirts, and shirts that expose the shoulders are not acceptable in temples.
  • Remove the shoe when entering a temple ‘hall. As the feet are considered unclean, never point at anyone or anything with them.
  • Do not touch anyone on the bead as this is considered the most sacrosanct part of the body.
  • Do not climb lean, sit or touch or point your feet towards buddha statues or buddha images to take a photograph.
  • Women should never touch monks at all
  • Try never to show anger or strong feelings in public as Thais consider this improper in an adult.
  • Beware of unauthorized Guides or People selling tours on the street (street shops, taxi drivers), buy train tickets from stranger only expect from official offices or our guide
  • Drop your garbage into a waste container
  • Do not get yourself involved with drugs. Penalties for drug offences are very severe in Thailand
  • So not support any manner of wild animal abuse, never purchase any product or souvenirs made from wild animals including reptiles, turtle shell, ivory.
  • Avoid any entertainment which abused animal welfare, such as dolphin, monkey, elephant or any other shows, or elephant trekking. Instead support recommended wildlife welfare sanctuaries and national parks.
  • Avoid patronizing local restaurants that serve wild animal delicacies, for example shark fin soup…  
  • Observe all normal precautions as regards to personal safety as well as the safety of your belongings, beware of pick pockets at all time.
  • Always us a taxi with taxi meter or via your smartphone grab taxi (add the logo and link)