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Travel Info & Tips - Visa & Customs Regulation

Visa Regulation for Myanmar / Burmavalue passport are needed to enter Myanmar

Myanmar requires a visa for all foreigner visitng the country. A valid passport with at least six-month validity and with a Myanmar entry Visa is required to all visitors to enter Myanmar. Tourist visa are valid for 28 days and can be extendible for an additional 14 days. Applicants can be made at any Myanmar Embassy or Consulate abroad. , with for photographs, or check on of the new option below:

 Visa for Myanmar / BurmaTravel to certain areas in Myanmar is restricted, for information on restriced areas visit, and contact us for special permit in advanced.

Visa on Arrival is granted on prior arrangement with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. 

NEW E-VISA: To promote tourism and of course investment in Myanmar, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has launched a webpage to apply for an electronic visa (E-Visa) to give everybody the opportunity to apply a Myanmar entry visa directly online. (click here to apply for the E-Visa)

 The process is very easy, you just fill out the details and submit the payment via your credit card through secure payment gateway and within 3 working days and after approval you will receive an acknowledgement letter.  Just print out this letter and bring it along with your passport to the designated airport.

 For more information please contact us or visit the following WebPage:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Customs Regulation

Myanmar Customs DepartmentTraveling to Myanmar is easy but can become difficult if you are not aware of the customs regulation details. In general the regulations are similar to other countries. Besides your personnel belongings you are allowed to bring 400 cigarettes (100 cigars or 250 grams of unrolled tobacco), 500 ml of cologne or perfume and a quart of liquor.

Export of antiques, archaeological object and unset gemstones is prohibited.

It is prohibited by law to bring any of the following items into Myanmar: Drugs or any kin of narcotics, pornographic material in any kind, firearms and certain species of fruits, vegetables and plants.

If you not sure or you like to get more detailed information regarding customs regulation please contact the Myanmar Customs Department directly by follow the link