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Travel Info & Tips - Money & Communication

Money / ATM / Credit Card

Money and Credit Card

The basic unit of Myanmar Currency is the 'kyat' (pronounced chat). There are 100 pyas in one kyat.  Paper currency is at the moment issued in: K1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 notes.

Changing money

Licensed money changers can help you to exchange US$ into local kyats. Banks offering the best foreign-exchange rates.


ATM & Credit Cards 

Debit and ATM cards are still not useful in Myanmar. There are a few ATM machines within the country. International credit cards (Visa, Mastr and American Express) are now accepted and you can use them to draw money from the ATM. It is more suitable to change Myanmar currenct, Kyat with USD dollar.   Banks are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays.


Traveler cheques

The exchange of travelers’ cheque is still very difficult and time consuming.  Myanmar is still a land of cash and it is recommended to bring enough US$ cash (small denomination notes)  for shopping and general purposes, other currency may have also difficulty to change.



Public stands in Myanmar

Use the Central Post Office for letters and post cards.  IDD telephone, telefax and Email services are mainly available at hotels. Internet cafes are widely available in Yangon and Mandalay as well as at all major citys or hotels.

When in Myanmar, you will be taken on tour by our professional guides and light-heartedly greeted by the drivers, hotels and restaurants. There is arrange of price for the international calls and you can make international direct calls from the hotels and some mobile shops. Hotels provide modern touches like Wi-Fi-free service despite once –in-a-while connection problems.

The GSM Network is start slowly working within Myanmar, but mainly in Yangon and/or Bagan or just close to the thaiboarder. Please note that therefore your mobile phones from other countries are maybe not working at all. However, domestic mobile rentals are available at Yangon and Mandalay airports. You are able to get a local SIM Card at the Airport.  

If you like to use a public phone you have to keep your eyes open for street side stands. Under an umbrella you can find a table with some phones displayed. With this phone you are able to make local calls in town or around the country for just a couple of hundred kyat, you also can call from many shops (look for a drawing of a hone hanging outside).

Official telephone (call) centre are sometimes the only way to call overseas, though sometimes this can be done on the street too.

The country code for Myanmar / Burma is 95. Area or mobile phone number begins with '0' which you drop when you call into Myanmar from outside the country. The outgong code is oo followed by the relevant country code.