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Visa Regulation for Malaysia

Visitors to Malaysia must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the period of stay. Most nationalities do not require visas for social or business visits.

Note that upon your arrival in Sabah or Sarawak, you will need to present your international passport even if you are arriving from Peninsular Malaysia.

For further information, please check with the nearest Malaysian Mission or Tourism Malaysia office in your country or under

Customs Regulation

Customs of MalaysiaForeign tourists are allowed to bring Tobacco not more than 225 gram (equivalent to 200 cigarettes), Wine, spirit, malt liquor not more than 1 liter, Wearing apparels not more than 3 pieces, one pair of new shoes, portable electrical or battery operated appliances for personal care and hygiene not exceeding 1 unit each, food preparations to a value of not exceeding RM75. All other goods including gifts and souvenirs valued at not more than RM400 (except for goods from Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and Labuan, the total amount valued at not more than RM500).

Prohibited to import are any non-prescribed drugs, pornographic material, weapons and any imprint or reproduction of any currency note or coin. Drug smuggling carries the death penalty.

Export License for Peninsular MalaysiaThere is generally no restriction on the export of goods usually purchased by visitors such as wine, spirits, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, watches, perfume, jeweler, wearing apparels, souvenirs and foodstuff.

Following items are prohibiting from export: Turtle eggs and Rattan from Peninsular Malaysia. Some good are prohibit from export except by virtue of an export license such as: Any animal or bird, other than a domestic animal or domestic fowl, whether dead or alive or any part thereof, including all animals and birds specified in any written law in Malaysia, Collections and collectors pieces of zoological, botanical, mineralogical, anatomical, historical, archaeological, ethnographic or numismatic interest, etc.

For more information regarding customs regulation please contact the: Malaysian Royal Customs and Excise Department WebPage's.