General terms of business Find the general terms of business of South East Asia Dreams . It contains important information about contents and end of the travel mediation contract, Payment / travel documents, liabilitys, payment and cancellation conditions .......
General terms of business

General terms of business

Dear customer, in the following you find the general terms of business of South East Asia Dreams (in the following "SEAD" called). Please, peruse this carefully, because they contain important information for the relation between you (in the following "user" called) and us.

Organizer's marking

SEAD appears within the scope of her activity exclusively as a mediator of traveling and other tourism achievements and not as a travel supplier. Hence, the following conditions count exclusively to the mediation produced by us / service achievement. To the general terms of business of the travel supplier it is pointed out separately.

1. Contents and end of the travel mediation contract

1.1 SEAD is an on-line travel mediation main entrance pursues under the web site (in the following "web site") The user can check on the web site the availability of travel-und to other tourist services (in the following, to sum up, "tourism achievements" called), as for example tours, diving courses, trekking tours, etc., different tour operator, (in the following, to sum up, "supplier" called) and book. With all questions the user is accompanied by the Internet service center. This is available to him under, info @ SouthEastAsiaDreams com or via Skype.

1.2 SEAD appears exclusively as a mediator of the tourism achievements of the respective suppliers and provides contracts in the name of and on calculation of the organizers. The realization of the booked trip as those does not belong to our contract duties. SEAD also carries out no grouping of travel achievements of different suppliers. This does not exclude that users combine offers of different suppliers themselves.

1.3 The shown travel offers show no obliging offer of SEAD or the respective organizer. With filling the reservation form and end of the reservation process you instruct SEAD with the mediation of a trip or with it in connection to standing services which is produced by a third (supplier). A legally binding contract comes about only at the time at which you receive a reservation confirmation.

1.4 To the provided contract about the tourism achievement, own general terms of business (Terms and Conditions) of the organizer can form the basis. In it payment terms, regulations about maturity, liability, cancellation, transfer posting and repayment etc. as well as other restrictions and obligations of the user can be regulated. Suitable Terms and Conditions of the organizers are provided to the user to the inspection and acceptance by SEAD. General travel information and trip tips are available on the web site.

1.5 So far an organizer has his seat abroad, the right of the land in which the organizer has his seat counts to the travel contract. This means that German right is not applicable in these cases.

2. Payment / travel documents.

2.1 For the payment terms the conditions of the specifically booked offer and the conditions of the respective supplier are decisive. This means that payments on the travel price are to be performed according to offer exclusively to the supplier or in SEAD by order of the supplier.

2.2 If SEAD travel-or other achievements charges and payments draws, happens exclusively in the name of the respective supplier and as a rule to the to be followed conditions:

2.3 With completion of the contract a deposit at the rate of 20% of the travel price within 10 days becomes due which is credited on the price of the tourism achievement. Other payments become due by the agreed appointments; final payments on traveling are confirmed as a rule at the latest 30 days before travel beginning due and by submitting and/or access of the travel documents. This does not count for less than 2.5 cases regulated it. Without entrance of the full travel price the performance of the achievement can be refused by the supplier. The costs which originate from non-payment and from it resultant cancellation or transfer posting are to be carried by full height of the user.

2.4. As far as the user books tourism achievements for third, he sticks for the fulfillment the payment sound originating from it to other obligations.

2.5 With traveling for the purposes of §651a BGB (package tours) payments on the travel price may not made to SEAD before handing over of a Protection form ("Sicherungsschein"). Of it untouched is the any obligation to perform payments on the travel price immediately to the respective supplier.

2.6 Documents for tourism achievements including from ("Berechtigungsscheinen) authorization form (in the following, to sum up, "travel documents") are sent to the user by SEAD by e-mail. The sending of the documents can be made dependent according to offer by the entire payment of the travel price.

2.7 Payment conditiona:
a) The user can do direct payments to the organizers of the tourism achievements cash or with credit card (Eurocard, American express train and luncheon club) to distinguished, as far as these are offered by the organizer of the tourism achievement as a currency. Closer information about the offered currencies are found at the information in the reservation confirmation.
b) Payments to SEAD can occur by transfer to our German financial institution. You find the bank connection on our respective calculations. As a proof of the payment you send please either: On-line order to pay with spent Tan number, partial-blackened bank statement or payment receipt of the bank. The payment is confirmed by us immediately after entrance of the amount on our account.
c) Credit card payment to SEAD is possible exclusively via the payment system PayPal. SEAD reserves itself the right to charge for any remunerations of PayPal (at the moment approximated. 4% of the invoice amount) to the user. The user is informed above suitable remunerations.

2.8 Afterwards prices upraised by the organizers / achievement bearers (Discounts, Fuel-surcharges etc.) by additional price changes or adaptations is raised, is to be carried by the user.

2.9 The costs which originate from later back reservations (e.g., missing cover of the account/ credit card accounts etc.) are to be carried by the user / customers

2.10 SEAD is entitled to raise a handling charge at the rate of up to 50.00 euros in the following cases:
a) Cancellation of the trip because of non-payment of the travel price or more different from the user to be represented,
b) False reservations and back reservations which are to blame by the user,
c) Cancellation / transfer posting of the trip if requested or occasion of the user Claims of the supplier remain untouched from this. The user / customer have the possibility, the proving lead that damage not at all or by lower height has originated from the transfer posting or cancellation / resignation.

3. Resignation and transfer posting

3.1 After closing the travel contract is directed at the conditions for from the customer made or desired contract changes (e.g., transfer posting, resignation) after the conditions of the respective organizer. SEAD is entitled to charge for all costs originating on the basis of contract changes to the user in the name of the respective organizer and to draw these amounts or withheld.

3.2 A transfer posting of a tourism achievement can occur regularly only through resignation with next new reservation and new completion of the contract, as far as the organizer does not intend other conditions for this. Perhaps, attacking costs are to be carried by the user / customers.

3.3 The resignation of a tourism achievement must be informed compared with SEAD and/or the organizer in writing. In case of a resignation by you the height of the costs resulting for this is directed after the regulations of the tour operator. You take the precise resignation, transfer posting sound cancellation costs please from your invoice, the travel confirmation or Terms and Conditions handed over to you of the organizer. With cancellation or resignation within 30 days before travel beginning an also proportionate allowance of the travel price is excluded regularly.

3.4 The user / customer has the possibility to lead the proof that a damage not at all or by lower height has originated from the transfer posting or cancellation / resignation.3.5 Resignations, Cancellation-und transfer posting fees are due in general immediately.

4. Tips to passport, visas, duty and health regulations

4.1 SEAD is not responsible for the observance of duty condition-und conditions of entry or the timely application of visas by the user. We point out you expressly to the fact that you should ask relevant information with the responsible authorities or consulates.

4.2 SEAD is not responsible for the observance of health regulations by the user, we point out you expressly to the fact that you should ask suitable information at the tropical institute or the responsible authorities.

4.3 You find suitable Internet links to the responsible authorities on our web page in the respective land information.

4.4 It is incumbent for the user to find out before the travel beginning about possible changes of the regulations of the purpose land in the publicly accessible intelligence sources or the consular representations.

5. Liability of SEAD

5.1 Information to the achievement is based exclusively on the information of the responsible organizers to us towards. SEAD has no possibility this information on her correctness, completeness or actuality to check. SEAD can deliver towards the user no guarantees or assurances concerning the correctness, completeness or actuality of all information containing on the web page. SEAD is liable not for the actual / free of lack performance of the tourism achievement, but only for the fact that the mediation with the care of a well-arranged businessman is carried out.

5.2 SEAD is liable by culpable duty injuries from this contract for damages which are not body damages, only in cases of the intention or the coarse carelessness. The liability for damages which are not body damages is limited after the height to the travel price.

5.3 SEAD is not liable for that of her loss not to be represented, setting and/or the damage of the travel documents in connection with the sending by e-mail.

5.4 SEAD is not liable for the results of higher forces. Including: orders of authorities, wars, internal riots, plane hi-jacking, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, stream failures, accidents, storm, strikes, lockouts or other labor dispute measures by which the services SEAD or their suppliers / organizer are influenced belong to it.
5.5 Afterwards prices upraised by the organizers / achievement bearers (Discounts, Fuel-surcharges etc.) by additional price changes or adaptations is raised, is to be carried by the user.

6. Other duties of the user / customers

6.1 The possibility for the reservation of traveling or achievements on our web page may be used only with the intention of a reservation. Reservations by persons under age (less than 18 years) are inadmissible.

6.2 Every speculative reservation in exploitation of an evident wrong honoring in particular of the prices is prohibited without restriction.

6.3 Defects of the mediation achievement of SEAD are immediately to be indicated with SEAD; so far reasonably, opportunity is to be given to the remedy. If a fault announcement ceases culpably, are cancelled every claims of the user from the mediation contract, as far as a remedy reasonable to the user would have been possible by SEAD.

6.4 The users is pointed out to the fact that SEAD is not entitled to the acceptance of fault announcements with regard to the tourism achievement and is obliged. Such rebukes are to be raised directly towards the supplier of the tourism achievement.

7. Travel assurances

SEAD points in particular to the possibility of the end of a rice protection-parcel, in particular of a travel resignation assurance as well as an assurance for the cover of the return costs in accident or illness.
In many contracts of insurance are accidents, they by diving do not originate or only partially covered. In case of planned diving activities we recommend the end of a suitable additional assurance. Closer information about Travel insurance please click HERE and for diving insurance please click HERE

8. Data protection

SEAD takes seriously the protection of your personal data very much and keeps strictly to the rules of the data protection laws. Personal data are raised on this web page only in the technically necessary circumference. In no case the upraised data are sold or for other reasons transmit into three parts.

8.1 Some personal information SEAD needs for the mediation of tourism achievements. We make available this information so far for the treatment of your inquiry necessary, third (tour operator, authorities of the purpose land etc.). Your E-mail address is stored also in our data bank to inform you in future about innovations (max. 4 times per year) with SEAD. Moreover you can revoke their consent any time. By giving us your information of your mobile phone, mobile telephone number with the reservation you help us to inform you by short-term travel changes.

8.2 Elevations and processing of data on this Internet page SEAD raises and stores automatically in his server log files information which your browser transmits to us. Every access to our web page and every call of dates deposited on the web page are taken down. The storage serves internal system-related and statistical purposes. This are: Name of the called file, browser type / version, used Operating system, referrer URL (the before visited side), Hostname of the accessing calculator (address IP), date and time of the inquiry, used method of the inquiry, tallness of the called file and search words if you have found our web page about a searching machine. These data are for SEAD not to certain persons available. A desegregation of these data with other data resources is not carried out, besides, the data are extinguished after a statistical evaluation. Further personal data are only grasped if you do this information voluntarily, possibly within the scope of an inquiry or registration.

8.3 Uses and passing on of personal data so far you have made available personal data to SEAD, these are used only to the answer of your inquiries, for the winding up with the contracts closed to you and for the technical administration. The deletion of the stored personal data occurs if you revoke your approval of the storage if her storage is no more necessary to the fulfillment of the purpose prosecuted with the storage or if her storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible.

8.4 Information rights; on written inquiry SEAD will inform you with pleasure about the data stored to your person.

8.5 security tips: SEAD tries hard to store your personal data by seizure of all technical and organizational possibilities so that they are not accessible to third. With the communication by Email the entire data security cannot be guaranteed by SEAD, so that SEAD recommends you with confidential information the post.

9. Final regulations

9.1 SEAD reserves itself the right to change the general terms of business with effect for the future any time, without in this respect a duty exists to the communication towards the user. On the web site the version topical in each case of the general terms of business is held ready from the time of her validity. With the wide use of the web site after a change of the general terms of business the user explains his consent for the changes.

9.2 Should single regulations of these Terms and Conditions all or part is ineffective or become, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not touched through this.

9.3 Links on our web page are available to you only as tips. SEAD in not liable neither for the contents nor for achievements etc. which are offered by a link located on our side. Please, inform us immediately if you find illegal material on one of the sides which are linked with us, so that we can do this link immediately and immediately extinguishing / close. Herewith, in addition, we expressly dissociate ourselves from the contents of these web pages.

9.4 SEAD, as well as her partner enterprises (organizer) can deliver concerning the use for a special purpose, assurances or guarantees with regard to the information containing in our web page, unless this occurs within personal / individual communication between SEAD and/or organizer and to you.

9.5 The contractual relationship is defeated by the right of the Federal Republic of Germany. Legal venue is a bit castle, if you are a businessman or have no steady residence in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Privacy Policy (update 24.05.2018)

With the entry into force of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, the future of European data protection begins. The regulations regulate data protection law - ie the handling of companies with personal data - throughout Europe. We have adjusted the data protection regulations for South East Asia Dreams here: