Explore & Discover the roof of the World Nepal is a country in South Asia and mainly situated in the Himalayas. It is also part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, bordering Tibet of China to the north, and India in the south. Come and explore with us the mountains around the Himalayas and the Mount Everest
Explore & Discover the roof of the World

Explore & Discover the roof of the World

Swagatam and welcome to Nepal

This beautiful landlocked country is known as the “roof of the world.” Its southern border with India, and its northern border with the Tibetan Autonomous Region and China, is home to Mt. Everest to the north east and the steamy Terai plains in the south. Culturally rich Nepal is the only Hindu Federal Democratic Republic in the world, but is also the home of the Sherpas, of Tibetan / Buddhist origin, and also has a small population of Muslims, which all live in communal harmony today. Life in Nepal is rather slow, very traditional, and still unsophisticated in many ways, but this indeed adds to its charm.

Welcome to Nepal

Mostly known for its trekking and mountaineering, and various outdoor sports, it is also host to fabulous nature reserves, and protected areas, teaming with birds and wildlife.

The Nepalese are a deeply spiritual people, and this is prevalent in all parts of the country, which is scattered with ancient temples, from the most humble, and close to ‘the magical’ in their grandeur.

The people are friendly and hospitable both in the cities, mountain side, and plains, they love to laugh, and you’re always welcome in Nepal, who view the guest ‘as a god in disguise.’

There is a saying in Nepal……”once is not enough….” And it really isn’t, for this beautiful, majestic, vibrant, holiest, and most unique home, of the world’s mountain gods.