Travel Info & Tips All you need to know about Visa Regulation, Update on CoVid-19, Customs Regulations, get your visa to enter Sri Lanka
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Visa Regulation for Sri Lanka

Travel Info & TipsSince January 2012 it is required for all visitors to have a visa to enter Sri Lanka.  

All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months. Nationals of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria must hold return or onward tickets.

Sri Lanka has introduced an online visa system for all travelers.  You can obtained such visas either with our affiliation partner or  through  the Electronic Travel Authorization System of Sri Lanka. You will have to pay a small fee (same no matter which of the above system you use)

  • Standard for all countries for processing the visa prior to arrival 35 US$ (online application) and 40 US$ (on Arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka)
  • For South Asian (SAARC) countries the cost will be 20 US$  / 25 US$

We recommend strongly to get your Visa or as it called in Sri Lanka your Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before you arrive to make sure that your application is approved. You can check your ETA application status online.   

Also having the reference number will help you avoid longer queues at the airport. And if you have booked transport with us, your driver will wait for you in the event of any unexpected delays, although you may wish to contact them upon arrival for peace of mind.

At the arrival you may be granted 30 days ETA with double entry facility. Double entries can be made from the date of initial arrival (Within given 30 days). The balance period of the 30 days of the initial entry will be granted for the second visit to Sri Lanka.

Visas for Onward Travel

Please note that you make sure to have the right visa for any onward travel to countries that request visas to be pre-arranged, such as India. Travelers routing through India are advised toobtain an Indian Visa that will allow them to transit.


Anyone who like to stay for another purpose than as tourist, should contact your local Sri Lankan Embassy or visit the Department of Immigration and Emigration Sir Lanka

Update on CoVid-19

Sri Lanka as many other countries impose Covid-19 restriction which are changing on a regular basis. These restrictions also depend on the country you are entering from, so please contact the nearest Sri Lankan Embassy.   Visit our blog and explore what Sri Lanka prepared to keep you save during your visit in Sri Lanka:


Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka 

Customs Regulation

Before you travel to Sri Lanka it is important to know what you can bring along and most important what is allowed to bring back home.  To avoid any unpleasant experience with any custom officers either in Sri Lanka or at your home country, we list some main questions you may have about customs regulation for Sri Lanka.

customs Sri Lanka

How much is my duty-free allowance?

All your personal items which you wear or bring with you on your arrival in Sri Lanka for your personal use. This does not include goods which you plan to sell or exchange in Sri Lanka, is the property of any person with you or to be given as a gift to any other person.  You allow to bring 2 regular-size bottles of wine and 1½ liters of spirits; Toilet water not exceeding a ¼ liter, and a small quantity of perfume and souvenirs, value not exceeding US $250 not meant for commercial purpose / transactions.

What should I declare to Customs?

To avoid any problem when you enter Sri Lanka, declare all foreign currency. Gold jewelry and Gems should be declared to the Customs arrival as well as all good which value exceeds the allowance.  If you not sure what or what you not have to declare, just contact the Customs information desk at the airport, before you leave the airport.

Under the Sri Lanka customs regulations, if you do not possess any prohibited or dutiable goods, except those goods that are allowed under the duty-free allowances, may in some circumstances go via the green channel.