Travel Info & Tips How to tip in Sri Lanka? Find out how tipping is handled in Sri Lanka, How much and to whom
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Tipping & Service Taxes in Sri Lanka

Tipping is generally expected in Sri Lanka and the way of life. So, you should consider in all the circumstances to tip.  Here is some guideline, where and how much you should tip.

Mostly around Asia there can be a 10% service charge added to your food bills and accommodation bills in larger hotels and restaurants. Keep always an eye on this before you add additional tip as any further tipping should represent a reward for a very good service.   A general rule if not, then consider tipping around 10%. Even if there is a service charge it’s still customary to round up the bill. Tipping bartenders isn’t common or expected.

Do not forget to tip in Sri Lanka yuour guide and waitress

As mentioned before some hotels in Sri Lanka will have already a service charge included. If nothing is added to your bill a guideline would be:

  • 100 RS a day to the maid
  • 50-100 Rs to the bell boy for bags.

If you are visiting temples and you been taken on a tour by a resident monk, you should leave some money in the donation box.

Tipping Taxi Drivers in Sri Lanka is common. You should round up the total fare. If you take a day tour with a driver you should aim to tip 750 – 1500 Rupees a day.  When touring ask to include the tip and add tip after the tour when the driver did an amazing job. 

If you join any guided tours also try to negotiate a price with the tip included, but if. you enjoyed the tour and the guide went above and beyond you can tip up to 10% extra. This is the rule from short half day tours to multiday tours.

If you hire a car and driver, please also consider tipping your driver for good service. A good tip is anything upwards of $15 per day.