Travel Info & Tips find your way around and get detail information about transportation system in Sri Lanka, such as flights, trains, buses, TukTuks, taxi and much more and book directly online
Travel Info & Tips

Travel Info & Tips

Getting Around / Transportation

Sri Lanka is relatively easy to get around in terms of available transportation, but you want to think twice about driving around yourself.

The roads in Sri Lanka are relatively quiet in comparison to places such as India and Nepal, but the road rules are still quite hectic. Therefore we recommend to either us planes, Trains or a Chauffeur-guide service as your kind of transportation.

get around the luxuary way

Check out our tips around transportation options around Sir Lanka.

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By Air / Flights

To reach Sri Lanka is easy with many international airlines flying into Sri Lanka. 

Colombo is the major center for international flights throughout Asia as well as being Sri Lanka's domestic hub.

domestic and international flight from and to ThailandBandaranaike International Airport (CMB) also commonly known as Colombo International Airport, Colombo-Bandaranaike, is located only 32.5 km from the city center of Colombo in a suburb of Negombo and is the main international airport serving Sri Lanka. 

The airport locally also called Katunayake Airport serves as the hub of SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka, and domestic carrier Cinnamon Air. The second airport Ratmalana International Airport  (RML) is primarily serving as a domestic airport.

Sri Lankan AirlinesSri Lanka’s National Carrier is SirLankan Airlines an award-winning airline with a solid reputation for service, comfort, safety, reliability, and punctuality.
Cinnamon AirDomestic air services provide a great alternative to long journeys by road or rail and are memorable, with frequently beautiful views of the island from above. The main operator is Cinnamon Air, which has regular scheduled flights out of Katunayake international airport.  

Depending on your destination you may be able to experience the adventure of taking off from and / or land on water. An extra pinch to your Sri Lanka vacation.

Sri Lanka’s aviation on domestic flights are mainly operated by small charter machine. Some of the companies offering regular schedules. Charter your private flight on board of a 70-seat aircraft or a small 8seater Cessna or what about a helicopter. Sri Lanka has for everybody the right plane.


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Shuttle Bus Service                        

Direct express way public buses are available with an every 15 minutes departure time will bring you to Colombo (Pettah), central bus stand within 25 minutes. From there you will be able to reach any part of the country.

Get a good overview of what kind of transportation is available within your destination.

Sri Lankas Railway / Train Service

An excellent and cheap way to see the beautiful scenery of Sri Lanka is travelling by train. Sri Lanka’s train network, originally built by the British during the nineteenth century, has seen massive changes over the past decade. The routes Kandy to Ella or to Nuwara Eliya, Colombo to Kandy, and Colombo to Galle are highly recommended and part in many of our packages. This way of transportation offers you stunning views and sights along the way.  

Inside of Sir Lanka's trains

Sri Lankan trains have three classes:

  • first class,
  • first class observation,
  • second class      
  • third class

Keeping in mind that these classes do not match any standard we are used from our home country.

First-Class are equipped with a/c, small television monitors and has a flushable w/c. Because of the air-conditioning the windows are sealed. The seating are four seats in a row, with two on either side of the aisle, and all seats are separated by armrests.

Some First-class carriages have an additional observation deck, unfortunately there is no way to tell in advance if your train will have this. So, a booking in advanced is not always possible. The First-class observation carriage is also air-conditioned and has seats looking out to the scenery and rail track as the train journeys.

The Second-class has the Sri Lankan typical squatting and flushable w/c toilet facilities. The windows that can be opened and as the First-class you will find four seats in a row, with two on either side of the aisle, and all seats are separated by armrests.

Third class is the cheapest option and is like the once at the Second-class, the main different is that the seating is in benches for up to three people. Tickets for third class cannot be reserved before so there is no guarantee that you get a seat at all.

Amazing Experience train trip in Sri Lanka

The main train routes are as follows:

South Rail Line, which travels along the coast from Colombo via Hikkaduwa, Galle, Mirissa, and then south to Matara city.

East Rail Line, goes from Colombo to Kandy (3 hours), Hatton (train station serving Adam´s Peak), Nanu Oya (train station serving Nuwara Eliya city), Ella and will end in Badulla. This route is considered one of the best in the world and will bring you though the green and lush jungle & mountains, including tea plantation landscapes leading up to the elevated areas of Sri Lanka.

North Rail Line, travels fromColombo through Anuradhapura to Mannar and all the way up north to Jaffna. One route is going from Anuradhapura to Trincomalee city on the east coast, and another to Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa.  

Other line like thePuttalam line runs north along the coast from Colombo, but you must take rail busses between Chilaw and Puttalam. The Kelani Valley line runs inland and east from Colombo to Avissawella (60 km long rail line).Sri Lanka Railway Department

For more detail information regarding the railway service in Sri Lanka contact the official website of the Sri Lanka Railways


Get a good overview of what kind of transportation is available within your destination.


By Local Busses

Cheap and plentiful, at least during the day, but often crowded and unreliable.  Busses in Sri Lanka, both the Sri Lanka Transport Board also known as Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) and private buses are available from their respective bus stations. CTB buses are available throughout the country. Most cities have CBT Central Bus Depot with bus stops even in small towns of Sri Lanka, while private buses are not available everywhere. Fares also depend on the distance covered.

Busses in Sri Lanka


Local Transportation

Sri Lanka’s complex and busy roads are only comfortable navigated by the most confident drivers.  As all the Sri Lankans saying in order to drive around you need three things:

  • Good horn
  • Good brakes
  • Good Luck

We strongly recommend not to try to do some self-driving, better have a chauffeur is the best way to travel safety and comfortable.  Lay back and enjoy the ride.

 Get a good overview of what kind of transportation is available within your destination.


Taxi in Sri LankaThere are many taxi services that operate in Sri Lanka. You can choice from luxury cars and SUVs to the very popular mini Tata Nano cars used by many taxi services. If you are travelling around Colombo, taxis are cheap, but be sure to agree on a price before setting off. Taxis are good value for longer journeys and operate on set charges. However, be aware that taxis operating from 5-star hotels are mostly more expensive. 

You can easily spot these mini taxis due to their bright colors of red, yellow and silver and the equally bright display of call-up numbers

Tuk Tuk's or rickshaw's

Trishaw, ‘three-wheeler’ (aka tuk tuk) in Sri LankaTrishaw, ‘three-wheeler’ (aka tuk tuk) are ideal for short journeys within towns and cities, and for short excursions, the country’s many trishaws would be happy to offer you a ride.  And it is an experience you have to make while in Sri Lanka.

The vehicles are mainly Indian-made Bajaj rickshaws. Most trishaws are not metered. Good-natured price bartering is widespread, but in the main city trishaw / TukTuks are fitted with a meter.  Check if the meter is on and running.


Helicopters and Sea Planes

One of a very time effective travel opinion are Helicopter and/or sea plane transfers. They are great way to add some luxurious and incredible way to travel round Sri Lanka.

 If you are interested in seeing the island by air, get in touch with us for more information. Daily scheduled flights, charter flights and scenic flights are available.


Transportation Rental in Sri Lanka

Travel Info & Tips


Sri Lanka's roads will seem chaotic to all beside the most experienced traveler in Asia.

Rental a car or motorbike and drive for yourself can be a huge challenge for those who do not the streets in Sri Lanka. 

We strongly recommend hiring a car including a driver to be on the safe side and you will surprise that the prices are less expensive as in other countries.


Chauffeurs and Guides Service

 As mentioned before getting a care with driver will give you a lot of peace during your visit in Sri Lanka.

There are 2 option you can choice for your chauffeur service. One is only a driver who is bringing you from A to B as discuss with them in advanced, or you use on of the Chauffeur-guide. This person will drive between locations and provide information at site visits. This saves you the money to hire an additional guide and you have the adventures to get some more inside information from a local.

Chauffeur-guides and guides in Sri Lanka are licensed by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. Each of them must sit and pass an exam to obtain the license.

If you are interested in getting your Chauffeur-guide please just contact us and we are more than happy to work with you on your private Chauffeur-guide package. Our partners using approximately 35 chauffeur-guides and guides, carefully handpicked and with whom we share common values.  As there is not an infinite supply of great chauffeur-guides, we recommend to book in advanced to make sure you get the BEST one.  Please understand that we owe it to our early birds give them the best people first.


International Car Rental in Sri Lanka

Independent car hire is possible upon production of credit card and driving license but, as chauffeur-driven cars can be arranged for similar cost, they are strongly advised. International Car rental firms offer a professional service and adequate insurance cover. Leading car rental companies have offers with self or chauffeur-driven car available and can be ordered in advanced via internet.

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Motorbike Rental

Travel Info & TipsParticularly in the main tourist destinations, scooters are a popular way to travel and are available for hire. However, they are rarely found in established vehicle hire shops: most often, scooter/motorbike rentals are offered by locals running an independent business.

You usually must leave your passport with the vendor for the duration of the rental. We strongly advise that scooter/motorbike hire should only be considered by those with experience riding in Asia.