Travel Info & Tips Get a glimpse into the famous curries and all the other amazing Sri Lankan cuisine around Sri Lanka
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Food & Cuisine around Sri Lanka

When people hear the words ‘Sri Lanka’, everybody is thinking of golden beaches, sunsets, tea, or cricket teams. But those who visit Sri Lanka come for the tropical sunsets, stayed for the food.

Sri Lankan food is like no other. The dishes are filled with aromatic spices and vibrant color, Sri Lankan food gives you a feeling of happy, warm, and content. And for every native Sri Lanka there is nothing better than a hearty plate of rice and curry. And they love it so much that most Sri Lankans insist on bringing glasses of homemade curry or spices with them when they travel abroad.

Sri Lankan cuisine is known for its combinations of herbs, spices, fish, vegetables, rice, and fruits. The cuisine is highly centered around many varieties of rice, as well as coconut which is a ubiquitous plant throughout the country.

Food and Cuisine around Sri Lanka

Seafood also plays a significant role in the cuisine, be it fresh fish or preserved fish. As a country that was a hub in the historic oceanic silk road, contact with foreign traders brought new food items and cultural influences in addition to the local traditions of the country's ethnic groups, all of which have helped shape Sri Lankan cuisine.

Mainly influences from Indian (particularly South Indian), Indonesian and Dutch cuisines are most evident with Sri Lankan cuisine sharing close ties to other neighboring South and Southeast Asian cuisines.

But rice and curry are the Sri Lankan staple and worth to try during your trip to Sri Lanka. Also purchasing local food and drink supports the locals.

There are various curries made with different vegetable, meats and spices. Sri Lankan curry varies from the not-at-all-spicy kiri hodi and the mildly spicy dhal curry to the eye-wateringly spicy chicken curry that is everyone’s favorite. From lunu miris (spicy onion sambol) and pol sambol (coconut sambol) to maalu ambulthiyal (fish curry), the variety and variation of Sri Lankan curry and sambols is endless.